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  • Hazelhurst Ave And Homestead St Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District

    The intersection at the corner of Homestead St and Hazelhurst Ave is well known as a dangerous intersection. Serious accidents have occurred here, crossing the street with your children is dangerous, and anyone turning left from Homestead to Hazelhurst knows there is a chance for an accident anytime that turn is made. The issue is that the intersection is at the top of a hill so you cannot see if anyone is coming up from the other side until it's too late. The issue has been raised by many local residents through various forums but never addressed, and no acceptable reason has been provided for why a sign cannot be put here.

    This new city of Albany website is a great idea to get issues like this more widely recognized and to show support. Thank you to the city for making this service available.

  • Crosswalks Acknowledged
    1053-1069 Cortland Street Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    Cortland St has no sidewalks, no marked crosswalks, and no stop signs. Walking children to & from school is hazardous
  • 16 Homestead St Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    This facility plays loud computer-generated noise through outdoor speakers for almost 2 hours several times a week; this would appear to be a violation of the city's noise ordination, a violation of the GCO banning outside amplification. If it were a bar it would've been treated as a nuisance venue and shut down
  • New York 85 Albany, NY 12203, USA - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    Route 85 in the City of Albany needs to be repaved. It leads from I-90 to the colleges and hospitals. Around a year of little projects have been done, however these patches have all come up, and it is very rough! Water pools in some areas in the rain, and potholes are numerous, deep, and unmarked.
  • 259 County Road 156 Albany, NY 12203, USA - Campus Area-University District

    The new roundabout here at Tricentenial Drive and Fuller Road has alleviated a lot of traffic at this busy intersection.

    However, motorists driving south on Fuller Road are dangerously weaving from the right lane into the left lane while trying to continue south on Fuller Road!

    They get caught in the right lane which goes into the UAlbany Freedom Quad headed northwest, and then wrecklessly jam over into the left lane when they realize they are in the incorrect lane for through-motions.

    Perhaps Fuller Road should be redesigned again, to allow for 2 continuous lanes from Washington Avenue south, with clearly-marked "RIGHT TURN ONLY" signs and pavement arrows along the entire section, in order to more-efficiently signal that the right lane is for turns into the Freedom Quad complex ONLY.

  • 21 Taft Avenue Albany, NY 12203, USA - Campus Area-University District
    Our street was just made a one way. ( Thank You ! ) however people are still driving down the wrong way down our street. please HELP! We need a wrong way sign or another do no enter sign to be installed by the yellow house at the edge of the church parking lot. also a one way sign with an arrow on the pole opposite the exit parking lot from 35 Taft where the center for the disable large busses exit and drive east on the now west only street. Thank you.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Corner Of Fuller Rd. And Executive Park Dr. - Campus Area-University District
    This light cycles through unnecessarily during weeknight evenings and on weekends, when no one is working in Executive Park. The light should flash yellow after about 6:30 on weeknights, and all day on weekends.
  • 7 Garden Avenue Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    DANGEROUS situation, fence is falling down but worse is that the fence was built blocking the view when exiting Garden Ave onto Homestead St so that when you are exiting you must stick the nose of your car out and almost get clipped by cars coming down Homestead St. Same for the bushes blocking the view. House has fallen into disrepair. ABSENTEE REALTOR.
  • 9 Elmhurst Ave Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    The noise is very loud music, some of which is inappropriate for children. They have a stereo system with a base which makes it louder. When the home owners have friends over there are people talking over the music and being loud. This goes on for hours at a time. I know many houses around them have toddlers that go to bed before 10:30, 11 at night. I also shouldn't have to shut my windows to try and drown out the noise. This is happening many times a week. So far this week it has been 3 times. I understand people might not have to work or they should be able to do what they want but they should be respectful of their neighbors around them. This has never been an issue in this neighborhood before they moved in. I only know this because my grandparents lived in this neighborhood.
  • Edenburg Avenue Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    I am not one to complain but it is about time someone does something! I know there has been several complaints as my husband did one of them with NO resolution. Not even a response. I am the outlet street for Maggies Sports Bar. Cars fly down this street stop sign to stop sign as if it is a highway. It is so bad that the water dept has a cone and wooden sawhorse on the right side of the street. Cars are now flying by so fast they didn't even see that and ran it over. Sitting on my couch with my children I thought it was a person that was hit by a car as we have a lot of walkers in my neighborhood such as myself. What if that was myself or my child. It has gotten so bad that my husband was working in the front of the home last week and a car flew by so quick that my son who was in my yard not even near the road but had he been in the tip of my yard he would have gotten hit. There has got to be a resolution to this. We as a family need to have my kids play in our back yard now. No more basket ball in the drive way because god knows who is paying attention after they have had a few to many coming out of Maggies. I wouldn't mind but it seems to me someone after 3 years would have figured out by now that Edenburg Avenue is the gateway street for the bar patriots. The only ones that suffer here are our children who can no longer play in my own drive way if they wanted to. Or all the walkers. Tell me had that cone been an adult or child something would get done. Don't you think you would want to PREVENT that from happening. Something needs to happen and it needs to happen now. It is getting to a point where it is dangerous!! I suggest speed bumps or even a speed limit tracker. Something to slow down or even plant a seed into these drivers heads that this is not a highway. It is a neighbor hood street where families live. There are children here and we will not tolerate this drunken escape anymore.
  • Dc's pizza and wings parks 2 buses everyday on the side lot. One of the buses sticks out into the street and you can not see if anyone is backing out. It is very dangerous
  • Route 85 connecting Bethlehem with I-90 is in terrible shape. Not only is the concrete surface cracked and uneven, but its also much louder than a typical asphalt surface. Even though some of the older cracks have been haphazardly filled, it seems that there are new holes almost constantly. To make the situation worse, the Western Ave exit on 85 forces people to use Daytona Ave to reach Western, but this street is almost worse than 85! Daytona Ave has lots of uneven sections and you can occasionally hear a car bottom out on the various dips.
    When will Rt. 85 and Daytona Ave. be resurfaced and smoothed?