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  • Dirty Highway Archived
    195 East Seekonk, MA - Seekonk

    Crossing from the Rhode Island border, the first impression of Massachusetts and Seekonk in particular is not great.

    The trash accumulated on the ground if the middle section between east/west bound is unacceptable.

    They recently changed the Welcome to Massachusetts sign, and they couldn't even pick up the plastic bags. Nice way to welcome visitors!

  • Potholes Archived
    325 Newman Avenue East Providence, Rhode Island - East Providence
    Right on the Seekonk line - so many potholes you can't tell one from another!
  • Fall River Ave. Seekonk, Massachusetts - Seekonk
    There are several pot holes on the right side heading towards the Grist Mill on Rte. 114A/Fall River Ave. You would be coming FROM the Gulf Station/Dunkin Donuts/Seekonk Congregational Church near County Street area.
    We all try to go around them but you can't because you'd go into the other lane-kind of dangerous as many try to go around them. You've fixed them before but they're starting to get worse again.
    Thank you very much! I know it's not easy from such a harsh winter, but very appreciated!
  • Pothole Archived
    472 Taunton Avenue Seekonk, MA 02771, USA - Seekonk
    All the way on RT. 44 West from Taunton to Seekonk, there are 6-8inch deep potholes every twenty feet. Crews need to fill them in as soon as possible before more cars are damaged.