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  • slick road Archived
    Crawford Road Argyle, TX 76226, USA - Argyle
    Lots of ice at this intersection. If you slide off the road, there is about 3 feet of water in the ditch.
  • 212 River Meadows Lane Argyle, Texas - Argyle
    Street light needs to be replaced
  • Hwy 407 / Hwy 377 Agyle, Texas - Argyle
    I work nights and generally come through this intersection between 12 - 2 am heading east on Hwy 407. The signal pad at this location does not work or it is not marked. I have repeatedly had up to 5 minutes, before I get fed, turn right south onto Hwy 377 and make an immediate U-turn to avoid running a stop light and getting a ticket. I have reported this problem to the police and was told my complaint would be forwarded.
  • 307 Sandy Cv Argyle, TX - Argyle
    This light has been burned out for two months. Please help with this.
  • 3941 Creekway Court Nashville, TN - Argyle
    The street light in front of my
    house has burned out.
  • 100 Country Club Road Argyle, Texas - Argyle
    The traffic light at 377 and Country Club Rd malfunctioned between 7:20AM to approximately 7:45 AM in the turn lane heading south on 377 on Thursday, October 25. This turn light is consistently extremely short and will only let 4-5 cars turn which causes back up issues during school pick up and drop off hours.
  • Crawford Rd & John Paine Rd Argyle, TX, 76226, USA - Argyle
    There was 1 pothole a year ago and now there are at least 3 its getting difficult to avoid them while staying in my lane