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  • Traffic Open
    15644 Interstate 30 Frontage Rd Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    Thru traffic needs to stay left, or put some kind of traffic control in place.
  • 104sw 2nd St Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    this road is potted and cracked and needs repaired! all other roads in this neighborhood have recently been repaved. yet not this road in years!!! it would be nice to drive on a smooth road again. thanks
  • 2821 Forest Dr Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    In summer of 2008 the engineers who built the low water bridge at the entrance to Forest Cove Subdivision promised it would be temporary. It sounded crazy just hearing them explaining it. Two years later I can't believe that our city officials (who are the only ones who have any power to do anything about this) are expecting us to put up with our skateboard ramp road forever. Guests come into our neighborhood (across from Larry's Pizza) unaware and bottom out with their cars before they realize what happened. It is just a few yards off Highway 5. There is a dip sign, but dip signs usually do not mean 3-4 foot dip at such an angle! I guess it will get fixed when a child is killed skateboarding on the ramp of a road.
  • 1805-1903 State Highway 183 Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant

    Rough road at inters.of Prickett and Reynolds the light going south bound, Bryant,Ar.

    Has not been repaired

  • Blind corner Archived
    Bishop And Edgewood - Bryant
    Sally's auto is putting in a privacy fence at its new location creating a blind corner at Bishop and Edgewood. It was dangerous before because of overgrown bushes. Much worse now.
  • Augusta Cove Bryant AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    It has been 2 years this summer 2010. How long must we endure this messy ditch with its exposed underground utilities and ugly chain link fence that children can climb under and play in the green mosquito infested water. In places the fence is about to fall over due to ditch wall erosion which is worse now than it was in 2009. Our city promised to cover up this mess when they asked for extra easement signed over to them. So far their promise is empty.
  • Intersection Of Harris St. And Boswell Bryant, AR - Bryant
    Where the new road has been built connecting Boswell to NW 4th St. when headed North at the stop sign and looking West for traffic coming up Boswell toward the school the sight distance is limited and needs to be improved for safety.
  • 5500-5880 Springdale Rd Alexander, AR 72002, USA - Bryant
    This portion of Springdale Road is in sad shape. Every new rain causes more damage to the roadway surface. In places, due to grating and erosion, the road surface is narrow and vehicles must use it with caution. Large vehicles, like school buses, typically have to drive on the shoulder when opposing traffic is present. Attached are photos depicting the damage and of vehicles trying to use the street. This is a safety issue.
  • Richland Park Loop Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    Pot hole needs to be fixed
  • 209 Roya Ln Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    the potholes in front of the Bryant Police Department are pretty bad.
  • Potholes Archived
    2323-2399 Bishop Dr Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    Please fix
  • 910 N Reynolds Rd Bryant, AR 72022, USA - Bryant
    You can't see the speed limit sign unitil you are right beside it.