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  • 2659-2895 Gattin Rd Benton, AR 72015, USA - Benton

    The entire length of Gattin Road is in poor condition, however the half of it nearest the railroad tracks is the worst. There are too many potholes to list here, not to mention the flooding problem near where I marked on the map.

    This short road (approx 1.8mi) services 7 subdivisions along with a number of homes along Gattin Road and several side roads. We need it to be fixed properly! No more patching please!

  • 2423 S Chatfield Rd Benton, AR 72015, USA - Benton
    So. Chatfield Rd is becoming more narrow and is difficult for more than one car to pass at a time, especially going over the top of the hill. Also, the road is in very poor condition and has been for years. The road needs to be widened and pot holes need to be filled. Also a caution sign for children at play needs to be posted.
  • 2905 Gattin Rd Benton, AR 72015, USA - Benton
    Road is very traveled with 8 new and growing subdivsions coming off Gattin Rd. Many numerous filled pot holes, bumps, narrow areas where construction trucks, waste management & school buses literally RUN you off the road. I would have never moved into Benton had I known the condition this road has come to w/o being widened and repaved.
  • Lyledale Rd Benton, Arkansas - Benton
    ON Hwy 5 south of Lyledale Rd there are several potholes on the west edge of the road which could eventually cause the side of the road to crumble if not repaired. Please fix.
  • Idk? By The Gas Station - Benton
    a tree limb is sticking out and blocking the light and it is hard to see what color the light is on
  • 201-205 W Carpenter St Benton, AR 72015, USA - Benton
    from Walgreens to Baptist Imaging the road is bad.
  • Road Open
    808-852 Military Rd Benton, AR 72015, USA - Benton
    Road is tore up
  • 507 Fifth Street Benton, AR - Benton
    Someone has spray painted some words on the street in front of my house.
  • Leigh Benton, Arkansas - Benton
    Large pothole on Hwy 5 just north of Leigh St.
  • Leigh Benton, Arkansas - Benton
    There is a dangerously deep pothole on Hwy 5 north of Leigh St. This pothole has been repaired twice, but it keeps coming back shortly after the repair and gets bigger and deeper each time. Please fix.
  • Misty Dr Benton, Arkansas - Benton
    There is a large pothole on Hwy 5 south of Misty Dr. Please fix.
  • pothole Archived
    Northshore Dr Benton, Arkansas - Benton
    Large pothole in westbound lane of Northshore Dr. between Millbrook and Jasmine.