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  • 1413 Ridgeway Dr Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    There is major street damage in front of my drive that is causing damage to our cars and the cul de sac street light is not working causing it to be very dark at night which could cause safety issues.
  • Lane too narrow Acknowledged
    N Interstate 35 St Moore, OK - Moore
    someone decided to redesign the lanes here to have a right turn only lane, however the right lane isnt wide enough and makes you merge right during a right turn. very poorly designed. not fluid. need to widen the right side of the lane and begin the lane further back on the side road before you are already turning right.
  • I-35 Exit For 4th Street Moore, OK - Moore
    This is a very dangerous exit. The cars do not yield at all and I have been almost hit several times especially when I have to turn onto 134th right after I get off the highway. I am not the only one who thinks this. Everyone I talk to about that exit has the same feelings. Most of the other exits have stop signs and it works fine. 4th street needs a stop sign too.
  • Eastern And Broadway Moore Ok - Moore
    This intersection needs a turn signal and turn lane to keep traffic moving. This area has outgrown the single light system.
  • Potholes Archived
    1208 Old Mill Road Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
  • 19th And Meadow Run Drive Moore, OK - Moore
    There are about 3 or 4 large pot holes to the west of Meadow Run Drive on 19th St. Since this is a 2 lane road and the pot holes are just over the hill, it's impossible to avoid the pot holes. I hit them every time I turn into the Meadow Run Addition.
  • Potholes Archived
    1100 Old Mill Road Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    Major Potholes
  • Sw 19th St And Riverwalk Drive Moore, OK - Moore

    Due to the increased traffic on 19th St, it's become a safety issue to get from Telephone Road to the N I-35 Service Road. Many commuters block intersections and cause traffic to come to a stand-still. The traffic lights haven't been optimized to work together properly. When comparing the traffic lights in Moore to more condensed areas of Oklahoma City, it's easy to see that optimizing the timing of the lights for Telephone Road, Riverwalk Drive, the S I-35 Service Road and the N I-35 Service Road would result in a more efficient system.

    If the traffic lights can't be optimized, I would like to see the stop light at Riverwalk Drive be removed entirely. Keep the turn right only lane going into Wal-Mart and create a turn right lane going into Riverwalk drive. This would enable safer travel between the S I-35 Service Road and Telephone Road.

  • 3812 Teresa Dr Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    The house occupants located at 3812 Teresa Dr are conducting a Commercial Business. Their vehicles to include numerous trucks, broken down vehicles, Van/trailers, line the street from the corner to two house up. It is difficult for oncoming traffic to make way down the street due to the congestion of this Commercial Business being accomplished in a Residential neighborhood. It is also dangerous for people to driving in this area as there is little visibility from oncoming traffic if taking this road (Teresa Dr to Country Club). I don't know how many City Ordinances this occupant at 3812 Teresa Dr, are in violation of however there are many! This Commercial Business needs to cease immediately!
  • 1413 Ridgeway Dr Moore, Oklahoma - Moore
    I posted a few weeks ago but did not have a picture of the damage. And my street light is still out. This is directly in front of my drive way which means I drive over it multiple times a day and my car scrapes it multiple times a day. Please help.
  • Broadway And Eastern - Moore
    People trying to make left turns from either direction either turn left ahead of people going straight, that have the right-of-way, or get nervous about the turn and block all the traffic behind them. Meanwhile, impatient people behind them try to go around and nearly cause accidents too. It's a daily problem.
  • Clean Up Archived
    708 Se 38th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Moore
    Several abandon cars parked in front of house