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  • 168 King Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto

    A few dozen of us, residents and business owners in the immediate area of this intersection have been trying, for months now, to get something done to alleviate the atrocious noises being made night and day.

    Six days a week, starting as early as 3:15 a.m., empty dump trucks heading north up Jarvis to pick up fill from condo construction sites bounce as they hit the uneven pavement at the streetcar tracks at King Street East. The noise is simply atrocious as metal hits metal and the box reverberates, jolting many of us awake. This noise re-occurs every 15 – 20 minutes or so from then all through the day. The noise is so loud that pedestrians in the area often wince on hearing it.
    We have been in touch with Councillor Pam McConnell and her staff for months now in an effort to alleviate this problem. If you can help us in any way, we would be most grateful. If you would care to meet with a few of us in the area for a chat over coffee, we’d be very happy to do that.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

  • 120 The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Every Saturday morning, at least half a dozen giant A-Signs advertising condos block pedestrians at the busy corner of The Esplanade and Lower Sherbourne, causing a hazard to pedestrians who step onto the road, sometimes with their baby carriage or wheelchair, and to drivers whose visibility is reduced. Some pedestrians get annoyed and remove those obstructions themselves. Time for the City to intervene on this city-wide issue.
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    Sherbourne St At King St East Toronto, ON M5A, Canada - Toronto
    Yield to bikes signs on Sherbourne are well back from the intersections and not obvious to drivers. More than once I've seeing drivers pulling a right without yielding.
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    123 Front Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1E2, Canada - Toronto
    Traffic light and pedestrian count down are out of sync, i.e. The westbound countdown reaches zero, then goes back to wait.
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    66-70 Jarvis Street Toronto, ON M5C, Canada - Toronto
    It looks like someone hit the pole supporting the traffic light on the southwest corner of Adelaide and Jarvis. It's tilted and the ground is a bit uneven around it so I just wanted to report it before it falls.
  • 105 Front Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There are several streetlights out on FRONT STREET EAST around JARVIS STREET. In particular two or three right at the corner of Front and Jarvis and several on the median that runs west of Jarvis.
  • 227-251 Front Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The pedestrian "walk now" sign only lights up if the button is pressed. Some people are unaware and get confused when the green light shows, but no "walk" sign. This makes no sense. The "walk" sign should display at the same time as that for regular traffic. There are several other examples of this anomaly throughout the city.
  • 114-134 King Street East Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    I've lived near St. James Park for five years and every year they only clear the path that runs diagonally from the SW corner of Jarvis and Adelaide across towards King. They do not clear the path that runs diagonally from (approx) the NE corner of Jarvis and King towards Adelaide. Both paths get a lot of foot traffic so it makes for some very slippery and dangerous conditions for those using the path that isn't cleared. My photo shows me and my dog standing on the uncleared path. I don't understand why they don't clear both but perhaps they can explain it to The Fixer!
  • 1-21 Court Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are 9 decorative streetlights on the north side of COURT STREET (from Church to Toronto Streets). 7 of the 9 do not work, reported to Hydro several times, no action!
  • 176 The Esplanada #533 Toronto, ON - Toronto
    living in Toronto housing means repairs are not being don in my unit i have had a hole in my ceiling since February 2012 that has not been repaired many request also sun room leaking,electrical outlets broken, kitchen cabinet are all rotten,toilet does not flush properly,just to name a few things. Have been trying to move to bigger unit for years but have not been allowed to transfer (paying market rent). There is so many thing that are wrong with my apartment(bed bugs,cockroaches,ants)just to name a few. Need some help getting things done here.
  • 258 Adelaide Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Cars are constantly being ticketed because of improper sign posting. They are ambiguous and should be be posted in the proper position. It's just not fair and the parking authority couldn't care less.
  • King East At Sherbourne Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The hoarding for the latest condo in the neighbourhood went up over the last couple of weeks. It completely covers the walk signal! Leaves those walking east having to strain to see the north side lights for the countdown clock before walking. For some people who are slow walkers they could be caught in middle of the street.