West Pikeland Township

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West Pikeland Township

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  • Jennifer Dr Chester Springs PA 19425 - West Pikeland
    The stretch of road on Rt. 113 between Gordon Dr & Davis Rd has become a "wanna-be" race car driver's dream. It's flat, straight & remains unpatroled. The problem is that the residents of Pickering Point, Liongate & Jennifer Drive must take their lives into their own hands will trying to enter or exit. Try turning into your Development @ 15-20 MPH while someone is on your rear-end going 55+...and I mean +
  • Art School Rd. - West Pikeland
    Speed limit 35 MPH is too high for road and usage, should be reduced to 25 MPH. Speed limits need enforcement by police.
  • 453-499 Davis Rd Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again
  • 17 Lionville Station Rd Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland
    Two separate roads merge from Byers to Lionville Station Road and neither has a STOP or YIELD sign. I believe there used to be a STOP sign here, but it must have been removed or stolen. This is an accident waiting to happen.
  • 5000-5212 Shannon Ct Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - Chester County
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again
  • 1-99 Sycamore Ln Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland

    Gee, suoervisors promised after last year's fiasco, MORE ACCOUNTABILITY AND A DIFFERENCE.

    It seems that those responses were meaningless. Halloween of 2011 was a major snowfall.

    There was absolutely no effort or attempt to touch our street. It is now the end of January. We received about 4 inches of snow + ice.

    Charlestown was plowed neatly and efficiently. Did I see one plow?


    Where the heck are my tax dollars going? Open space? Give me a break!!!!

    Supervisors, where are your priorities? People need to go to work safely.

    You promised change. If that meant a change of contractors, so be it.

    Still there is zero accountability.

    Where is the change?

    Something has got to change - on way or another

    West Pikeland has high taxes, 2 state highways and all residential.

    Our street has not been touched. Now it is frozen. There will be no mail because of your laziness AGAIN! IT IS UNSAFE.


    When does our money ever go for the residents, ie EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE plowing and police?

    There have been 4 days notice prior to the storm-- ABSOLUTELY no excuse.

  • Unfilled fix Archived
    782 Byers Rd Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland
    There was a large sink hole in this location for weeks. Recently, it looks like the pavement was cut out so that it could be filled. However, it still remains an open hole causing damage to any car that attempts to turn right on Eagle Farm Road.
  • Jennifer Dr Chester Springs Pa - Chester County
    Complete disregard for traffic postings. Dangerous conditions for those that egress any of the communities located on Rt 133 in this area, Pickering Point, Liongate & Jennifer Dr residents
  • 602-628 Byers Rd Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland
    This area of Byers Road has a number of abandonded utility poles laying near the side of the road (right side when heading to RT 401)
  • Byers Road And Eagle Farm Road Chester Springs, USA - West Pikeland
    At the corner of Byers Rd and Eagle Farm Road there is a huge rectangular section of road that is somewhat filled in but still will cause damage to a car if hit.
  • 1436 Conestoga Rd chester springs, Pennsylvania - West Pikeland
    8 ft long very deep pothole right in front of our driveway. Making it difficult for us to make a left out of our driveway or turning right into our driveway.This is RT 401 with heavy car traffic. Needs to be fixed ASAP. Thank you.
  • Pike Springs Rd Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA - West Pikeland
    I passed through this intersection at 4am today and had to sit eastbound on 401 while waiting for the signal to change. With no other cars in site and at this time of day, why is the traffic signal not on a sensor?