Bay Ridge

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  • 510 80th Street Brooklyn, New York - Bay Ridge

    We have had no heat for over a week. It is so cold, especially at night, that we have to run electric heaters, which not only is dangerous, but it runs up our electricity bills. I had to buy my kids cold weather sleeping bags to sleep in at night. Since I refuse to run the electric heaters while no one is home, my pets suffer all day from when I leave for work to when I get home. I feel so bad for my parrot and I pray that she doesn't get sick because avian medicine is so expensive. This happens year after year after year. Just take a search on this website and you will see what I am talking about. Why can't anything be done? How does our landlord keep getting away with this year after year? His restaurant, Mussels & More, on the ground floor of the building is warm and well kept, while we are suffering every day and night. Our landlord goes home to a nice, warm, house every night and we have no other choice but to freeze, pay high electric bills, and be miserable. On top of all that, we pay $2,000 a month for our apartment. Add in the electric bills and we are paying close to $2,500 for our apartment, per month - in Bay Ridge! And we have been in this same apartment for a little over 10 years. And for what? For he can pocket the money instead of turning on the heat??

    I put in a service request with 311 on January 27th (Service Request #: C1-1-1205806742). After a few days, the status was "The Department of Housing Preservation and Development contacted an occupant of the apartment or building and verified that the complaint was resolved.". But it wasn't resolved. In fact, no inspector even came. The slip in the lobby that the inspectors fill out when they come was not even filled in. And so, we have been freezing all this time. I put in another 311 service request today (C1-1-1210592532) - hopefully someone will actually come this time.

    Vincent Gentile, our councilman, is located practically across the street - please sir, if you see this - please come help us.

  • 510 80th St Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Bay Ridge
    No heat has been provided at all since the weather has started getting cooler. The landlord owns the restaurant, Mussels and More, on the ground floor. He keeps it immaculate. Meanwhile, the tenants inside the upper apartments are left freezing and living in apartments that are drafty, falling apart and leaking every time it rains. No attention is ever given to the comfort of the tenants.
  • 510 80th Street Brooklyn, NY - Bay Ridge
    It is 16 degrees outside and I have no heat tonight in this building. The radiator is as cold as my refrigerator. I am all wrapped in blankets and wasting my money trying to stay warm with an electric heater, since these apartments are so drafty. I can't sleep I am so cold. This is not an uncommon occurance. The heat is almost always turned off at night, even when the temperature outside is below 40 degrees.
  • No Heat Open
    510 80th Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 - Bay Ridge
    No heat today even though it is 10 degrees out. Heat is always off at night, so you have to run electric heaters. Landlord owns restaurant under apartments and it is always well maintained and warm while the tenants suffer.
  • 510 80th St Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Bay Ridge
    The Landlord owns the restaurant/bar on the first floor of this six family building. He turns the heat off completely at night and we all freeze piling on blankets and running expensive electric heaters just to stay warm. These apartments are drafty and old, so the cold just seaps right in. But the restaurant downstairs is nice and warm with warm water and new windows. The tenants just end up suffering every winter.
  • 65th St. And 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY - Bay Ridge
    This concrete road divider is a traffic hazard. Its the same color as the road. Cars hit it all the time. All they have to do is paint it so drivers can see it.
    It’s on 65th and 3rd.
  • Potholes Archived
    639 54th St Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA - Sunset Park
    The entire middle of the block is littered with potholes. I have reported this issue 3x to the DOT and nothing has been done. Would appreciate hearing something from someone.
    It's only a matter of time before a car gets damaged or an accident occurs.
  • 6400-6598 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA - Sunset Park
    graffiti , tags , on overpass
  • 6400-6542 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA - Sunset Park
    graffitti on over pass walls
  • 401-415 Bay Ridge Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11209, USA - Bay Ridge
    White DOT vehicle parked overnight daily in front of Lutheran church in NO standing anytime
  • 416 498 64th St brooklyn, NY - Sunset Park
    garbage and shrubbery, leaves, and illegal dumping
  • 473 64th St Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA - Sunset Park
    illegal dumping