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  • 116th Link To Copperwood Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    There needs to be a pedestrian sidewalk or trail system connecting the Copperwood Community to the City trail system and sidewalks. Residents are being forced to walk along 116th (which has no shoulders for walking) in order to access any City services such as schools, bus stops, churches, shopping etc. With the increase in motor vehicle traffic and excess speed of the vehicles utilizing this road (see the picture of tire tracks where a vehicle could not stop due to excess speed and went thru the barricades provided, this happened twice in less than a two month time period) it is making this road exceedingly dangerous for our community members to walk/bike on. Please provide us with a SAFE trail so our community members can walk and bike without fear.
  • 10945 89 Ave Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie
    There needs to be a left turning signal at the intersection of 89 Ave and 108 Street. When heading north on 108 St. it can take up to 3 to 4 traffic light changes before you are able to turn left on to 89 Ave.
  • 88 Street Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0H4, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Weeds have overtaken Copperwood Park. There are also many dead pine trees.
  • Copperwood Road Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    The sidewalk all along Copperwood Road is used by children who walk home from the school bus, please remove the snow bank that was placed there by plows who cleaned 116th and ensure the sidewalk paths do not get blocked in the future. Thank you!
  • Willow Dr/88a Street/72 Ave Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie
    Mother Teresa School is located on Willow Drive. The intersection of 88a Street and 72 Ave is the main road where vehicles turn left onto Willow drive. There are many children who walk to school in the area and have no safe place to go across 72 Ave. A lot of cars are going 50km an hr (Speed limit is much too high for a residential!) and many parents don't trust their kids walking to school safely. Please put in a Cross walk at this intersection.
  • Copperwood Subdivision Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    I noticed on the snow removal plan for March 17-23 Copperwood was not mentioned in the plan. We have major drainage issues throughout the community and ice ruts that have caught vehicles that require towing to get them out. Please include us in the snow/ice removal plan.
  • 6502-6506 111 Street Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    Ruts are extremely deep throughout the road of 111 St between Obrien Lake drive and 65 Ave. The road is narrow with parked cars on both sides and so rutted, with the hill it is next to impossible to navigate without hitting the parked cars - even at a crawl. Please smooth out the road for safety.
  • 68 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    NEED Turning Arrow when Turning North onto 92 ST off of 68 AVE. When traffic is very busy especially after an 8:10 am train cannot turn left off of 68 onto 92. If very busy 1 or 2 cars can race the yellow light and turn. Vehicles waiting to Turn Left can back up as many as 10 cars.
  • 11710 102 Street Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    There aren't any turning lights at the intersection of 116 Ave and 102 St and as a result, people can only wait for a break in traffic to turn either east or west from north or south. Today I sat through 4 light changes before I was able to turn on a yellow light. Because of the lack of turning lights at this intersection, the only way for people to turn is if they turn on a yellow or red light when there is heavy traffic resulting in only 1 vehicle being able to proceed. There are 4 lights at this section but no turning light. GP is too busy to sit through multiple lights just to be able to proceed
  • 10214 116 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB - Grande Prairie
    Should be an advanced turn signal for traffic turning from north/ south to go east/west on the bypass. Light is not long enough for traffic. Which backs up to 120 Ave.
  • 11805 87street Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0H3, Canada - Grande Prairie
    Our park has been established for 3 years and we are hoping this will be the year for our neighbourhood (Copperwood) to receive much needed garbage cans, doggie poop bags, and benches. Thank-you.
  • 8902 115 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta - Grande Prairie
    116 Avenue seems to be a popular spot for cars, trucks, motocycyles and ATV's to drive in excess speeds, both on the road and on the grass burm. This creates quite a noise disturbance as well as a safety issue. SInce there is no paved walking path along here, many pedestrians use this road to walk & bike. The speed limit is 50, but speeds near 100 are often seen. Would like to see police doing some speed patrols along this stretch of the road, between 92 Street and Copperwood Road.