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North Little Rock Traffic Department

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  • 5600 Foxboro Dr North Little Rock, AR 72118, USA - North Little Rock

    Street formerly had double yellow line. Street resurfaced. Needs double yellow line on blind curves.

    This is a bad situation, especially as cars park along the street. Obviously, they are ignoring the no parking signs, which is another issue.

  • John F Kennedy Blvd And Randolph Rd North Little Rock, AR 72116, USA - North Little Rock
    drivers making a left turn from Randolph Road onto JFK from either side (but especially out of the apartments/shopping center side) seem to have a problem yielding to on coming traffic on green which is the law in this case - this might be helped by adding the signing to both sides that is seen on most other traffic lights in NLR that states in effect " Left Turn Must Yield on Green" to remind these drivers
  • Spriggs/Walnut Road North Little Rock, AR - North Little Rock
    People cut through on Spriggs Road where it turns into Geronimo and goes into Indian Hills. Nearly everyone is speeding through here and some people are going at least over 50 mph and the speed limit is 25 mph. There are also cars that are passing the slower cars on the road. It is EXTREMELY dangerous since this is a residential area and most of us have younger children. I fear to even walk around the neighborhood because of how big of a problem it is, especially during the peak traffic times. We need a speed bump by Walnut Road and Spriggs Road. If not another with them spaced out accordingly.
  • Northshore Rd North Little Rock, AR 72118, USA - North Little Rock
    Pothole at entrance of Northshore Business Park (by stop sign).
  • no stopping Archived
    Timber Creek Circle / Timber Creek Ln North Little Rock, AR 72116, USA - North Little Rock
    not only do a lot of drivers speed through the neighborhood but a large percentage of the drivers that approach this intersection from Timber Creek Lane do not stop at all - this is made worse when someone driving on Timber Creek Circle (where there are no stop signs) approaches from either direction and these cars just pull out in front of them ..... 1) maybe needs some signage added to that stop sign informing drivers that cross street traffic does not have to stop (like has been seen in other parts of NLR) 2) needs some police presence to get "Califonia Rolling" stopped
  • 6401 Countryside Drive North Little Rock, Arkansas - North Little Rock
    There are many vehicles that park on Countryside Drive. The road is extremely hilly and curvy. There are two police vehicles that park on the street the majority of the time, and a Chevy Tahoe police vehicle parks at the very top of a blind hill that also has cars turning at the same time they crest the hill. The typical placement of the Tahoe in particular makes this road quite dangerous. The vehicles parking on the roadway make for treacherous driving at best. "No Parking on Street" signs would make this area much safer, and it wouldn't cost much. I doubt this will go anywhere since the police are the ones causing the problem...
  • 7699 Rebsamen Park Rd Little Rock, AR 72207, USA - North Little Rock
    I walk often at the Big Dam Bridge, and I have noticed several instances of what appears to be gang graffiti on the bridge. It is on a post on the bridge, and one one of the informational signs on the bridge.
  • 2900 Percy Machin Dr North Little Rock, AR 72114, USA - North Little Rock
    Road is wavy and bumpy and causes fishtailing of automobiles as they accellerate toward entrance ramp of freeway. At times it throws you into oncoming traffic.
  • 3814 Lookout Rd North Little Rock, AR 72116, USA - North Little Rock
    When turning from lookout Rd onto JFK can't see oncoming traffic because of wall at the Lakehill center. So make it a one way so no one can turn out onto JFK. Several time I have seen almost accidents due to no visibility
  • 10847-11029 Maumelle Blvd North Little Rock, AR 72113, USA - North Little Rock
    Need to synchronize traffic lights on Maumelle Blvd.
  • 4301-4735 W Bethany Rd North Little Rock, AR 72117, USA - North Little Rock

    Since turning lane has been added at Hwy. 161 and Bethany Road, there is "no pedestrian markings" on pavement and automobiles just drive right up to the edge of the highway while waiting on the traffic signal to change. It is very difficult to make a short turn when turning left from the southbound lane without going to close to the large open ditch.

    Can this problem be fixed immediately so automobiles will no how far to drive up without being right at the edge of Hwy. 161 while waiting on the traffic light to change?

  • 23rd & North Poplar St. North Little Rock Ar - North Little Rock
    There's a tree on the West side of Poplar St. when you look North. It blocks the view of oncoming traffic. This is North of 23rd St. before you get to Ricks Dive Shop.