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  • 6324 Baker Blvd Haltom City, TX - Haltom City

    For background information, please see previous report #94904 Multiple Violations/Issues at apartment complex:

    Most issues were addressed shortly after original report. At this point however, the Resident Parking Sticker program has only worked with residents who already follow the rules. The gang of men who are responsible for most, if not all, of the issues previously reported, have not followed the Resident Parking Sticker program and continue to have multiple vehicles, without a parking permit sticker and non-residents, parked in the front row taking up spots for residents. The apartment management has been informed but refuses to take action! These same men continue to get drunk and hang out in the outdoor common areas getting more and more belligerent as the beers go down. A few nights ago, they parked in the parking lot for well over an hour, occasionally stumbling out of the truck to public, in broad daylight! The apartment management is being discriminatory and violating Renters' Rights laws as well as their own Leasing Agreements by allowing only this group of Hispanic males to continue to blatantly break rules and create an unsafe and undesirable environment.
    More importantly, no one (neither city, nor the apartment office or the management) have done ANYTHING about investigating how many adults are living/staying in this particular apartment (as well as others). There is no doubt that the number of men staying at this one particular unit FAR exceeds appropriate or allowed numbers. Over the weekend there were 4 untagged vehicles parked overnight and all weekend for this one unit, with AT LEAST 5 adult males staying in the apartment. Police are still having to be called on a regular basis, just for this one group of men. When residents call the apartment office, all we get is, "We will look into it", or "We will talk with them"! After over 7 months of this and plenty of opportunity and time to fix and correct these issues, it is long over due!! And considering some of these guys cannot even supply an ID when asked by cops, Immigration/ICE needs to be involved as well! Enough with law-abiding citizens having to put up with non-law abiding whatevers! Come on Haltom City, Richland Hills and Rio Vista Apartments, try having just a small morsel of pride and responsibility. Talking and going through the motions has not worked for over 7 months! This problem should be fixed (like as in EVICTION of the trouble makers) IMMEDIATELY! Not next week or tomorrow, but TODAY!

  • 6324 Baker Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Haltom City
    All listed issues are daily, ongoing and continual with no response or correction from property management-Police have to be called regularly: Multiple Abandoned/Junk vehicles such as dump truck full of trash and debris parked for at least 2 and a half months and orange transam parked for over a month; parking work trucks and trailers throughout parking lot AND grassy areas/field; unchecked and undisposed garbage/equipment "stored" in the work trailers and left in sun (some hazardous materials or chemicals react negatively in the sun such as catching fire); multiple adult males (5-8) "living" in 684 sq. ft. 1 bedroom units (Occupancy limit well exceeded-State Guidelines are for a max of 3 residents to 1 bedroom); worker trucks speeding through complex at all hours and incessantly honking horns to call workers out of apartments (starts as early as 5:00am and goes as late as 10:00pm); men hanging out in parking lots, field, breezeways, stairs, common areas getting drunk...sometimes all day and night; men blocking or inhibiting egress/ingress to apartment units; men urinating in field and parking lot, including during daylight hours; men verbally and physically fighting with eachother and harrasing other residents; loud music; men throwing objects at cars and apartment windows; public intoxication and the disruptive and indecent behaviors that accompany intoxication; when the small apartment over-crowds, the men overflow into their cars and literally camp out overnight in the parking lot or field; beer cans and bottles litter the area where men are constantly hanging out; driving under the influence or while intoxicated throughout complex and as leaving and entering complex in order to go on multiple "beer runs". As mentioned, all these issues are ongoing everyday since at least November and by the same group of men in the same area of complex. The address listed is for the front office, but these issues are occuring in the back of the complex which I believe is a Richland Hills address of Old Town Ln Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Richland Hills.
  • 5900-5998 Cedarcrest Dr Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    Ongoing - the country club has piles of boxes all around their dumpsters and trash all over the place in the vicinity of the dumpsters. Trash is going down the hill into the creek and traveling all over the place.
  • Belknap Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    This photo /video was taken Monday June 20th 2011 at 6 pm
    Our families served this country honorably , now we have watch our flag desecrated in the name of selling used cars. It makes me sick!
    I. Served
  • 5900 Diamond Oaks Ct Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    As you can see in the satellite view of this address - the swimming pool is a cesspool. Mosquitoes and other creatures find it a fine place to gather - we neighbors find it a nuisance, particularly because of the mosquitoes.
  • 1937 Hemlock Dr Haltom City, TX 76117, USA - Haltom City
    This property is legendary in its own time. I dare you to show another property with as many code visits. This block needs some help to eliminate this blight.
  • 3001 Jane Lane Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    I know of 3 different familys in the oaks at jane lane who have an infestation of bed bugs. the managers idea of taking care of the problem is to throw the infected peoples furniture in the dumpster at their request.i am afraid the bugs are going to spread to my apt because i have been reading about them and i know they are very contagous and spread fast! isnt the staff suposed to treat the infected peoples apts so the rest of us dont get it? i know one of the families kid was kicked out of school because her bites were so bad! please help!
  • 2900 Block Of Markum Drive & Belknap Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    The Belknap and Markum drive intersection badly needs repair. Lot of older patients use the T & R Clinic and Nursing home on Markum Drive
  • Layton Ave Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    It just happened 05/06/2011 around 2:00 pm. there was an accident, this is not the first time. People drives over 40 mph. they dont care about children playing or riding their bikes. is it any way we can have some speed bumps to make them lower their speeds? I live just in the corner of Creech and Layton and I seen some breaking bad to avoid hitting or running on someone. we move here, because it seemed to be a safe place to live. But now we are not so sure anymore. Day or night, you can hear people speeding. hope someone does something
  • 3146 Ray Dr. West Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    We have serious curb and street problems on the circle of Ray Dr. West. The street was resurfaced in 1987 and no curbs were redone. At the time it was done in asphalt. It was not installed even with the curb and therefore has pushed the curbs into the yards and destroyed them. The curbs have deteriorated beyond repair and are now very hazordous to walk around or over. My husband tripped on one and broke a rib and the trash collector fell and hurt his back. This no doubt has cost the city money. We have appeared at CC meetings, spoken to the Council and spoke to Mayors White and Lanford all to no avail. And likewise grass is growing up through the destroyed paving. This greatly needs to be addressed before or along with any other street projects.
  • Christal's Archived
    6380 N. Beach St. Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    I'm not sure where the proper venue is to complain or what the city's policy is but the Christal's on N. Beach street has racy pictures in the windows for all to see. My kids and neighborhood kids point and ask what kind of place that is...Now I just avoid that end of Beach. I don't mind the business being there but do they have to put pictures and lingerie in the windows?
  • 6324 Baker Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Haltom City
    All of the lights along the entire back area of the Rio Vista Apartments are out. These lights are posted in the field which is marked as GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. Not sure who is responsible for fixing this, but it is up to the city to ENFORCE and to serve as liaison to other public entities to get things on government property fixed. This is the same area where large groups of male dayworkers hang out getting drunk. It is also where cars, trucks, four wheelers, etc. drive into field to do/buy/exchange drugs and who knows what else. It is pitch black dark back there now and is presenting an even more significant public safety risk!