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Maumelle Code Enforcement

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  • 1 Green Oaks Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    This property has appeared abandoned for at least two years. The property stays overgrown and makes my neighborhood look trashy. I have guest this weekend and am really embarrassed to have them see my neighborhood look like this. Needless to say it’s a breeding ground for snakes & rodents.
  • Coronado Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle

    I am the neighbor to this residence on Coronado Cove.
    Our neighbors have had trash and broken furniture piled up for 2 weeks.
    I saw rats running from the pile today lol.
    Also - me and the neighbor on the other side do their yard work because they refuse.
    It needs to be communicated to them that I’m tired of mowing their yard because I barely have time to mow my own.
    But the trash. Damn. This is Maumelle, they gotta stop doing that.

    Thanks for all you guys do, I know how hard you all work!

    Trying not to be a “Karen”,
    Concerned Neighbor :)

  • 600 Pine Forest Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Recommend the relocation of the identified mobile phone base station tower (MPBST) to a safer location to protect our children and educators. Current location is within 200 meters of two elementary schools, posing a significant threat to the health and development of those nearby. As concluded by the 2016 International Journal of cancer and Clinical Research, Vol 3, Issue 1, "Accumulated empirical evidence points to an increased risk of lymphoma, leukemia, melanoma, breast and brain/CNS cancers associated with exposure to [microwave and radiofrequency] MW/RF radiation. The existing safety standards may not be sufficient to protect the public and workers from exposure to MW/RF radiation and should be revised to account for a potentially long-term effect of exposure to MW/RF radiation. Children exposures to MW/RF radiation should be restricted." Additionally, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF/EMF (electromagnetic fields) as possibly carcinogenic to humans. This is an unacceptable and avoidable risk to the health and development of our community.
  • 1 Augusta Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    It looks like my Neighbor built his shed over the rear property line along South Odom. He also cleared the buffer in order to build the shed. He did not follow the 5 foot building line.
  • 3 Hightrail Cove Maumelle, AR - Maumelle
    Black Jeep Cherokee was reported to Code Enforcement as being parked in yard. Code Enrorcement followed with a warning. Vehicle was simply moved from yard to driveway...still an eyesoar.
  • 109 Highland Point Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Tunnel under Edgewood Drive by Highland Point Cv gets flooded when it rains. The water will sit in it for a long time.
    Back in February I put pavers across so that the kids going to school would not get their shoes wet, but the city or someone else removed these stepping stones.
    It would be nice if this could be fixed before kids go back to school
  • Trash and Recycling Acknowledged
    58 Ophelia Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Turtle Park trash has been over flowing for a few weeks now. Now people are just throwing stuff on the ground since it is full.
    Also the park is not being mowed enough we and other neighbors are having to keep some of it mowed down.
  • Maumelle Blvd Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    The trail along Odom South has weeds growing through the asphalt. It is not only a tripping hazard, failure to kill the weeds further deteriorates the trail:
  • 131 Nemours Ct Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Unkept yard
  • 23 Meadow Ridge Loop Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Yard sign at 23 meadow ridge loop exceeds 6 feet reference section 58-8. The yard grass and weeds are a nusiance.
  • 103 Bouriese Cir Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Tin structure in County Club of Arkansas, unsightly along walking path between Bouriese Circle and Bayonne Cove. POA said to report it to city for possible code violation.
  • 109 Highland Point Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Bridge at the end of Highland Point Cv needs repairs. The main logs holding planks are rotten. Maybe using longer screws to reattach the planks would help??? A lot of kids use this bridge to walk to school - it would be nice if this was fixed before they go back.