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Orange County-Transportation

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  • Jake Orlando, 32814 - Baldwin Park

    Sharp curbs constantly slicing people's tires open (daily), concrete in road way causes people to trip and fall.

    Please ask the City of Orlando to respond to road hazards.

  • 33-45 E Par St Orlando, FL 32804, USA - College Park
    There is a pothole on Par Street westbound in front of the Mormon church that is hazardous. It causes cars to have to swerve potentially into oncoming eastbound Par traffic.
  • 5505-5543 South Kirkman Road Orlando, FL - Florida Center
    There are two left turn lanes from northbound Kirkman Rd onto Vineland Rd near Universal Studios. Often times only three cars are able to get through the turn legally in an area where 4x that amount should be getting through. When you enter the turn lanes if traffic is heavy, it is not uncommon to wait 3 lights to get your turn. It is especially bad when someone falls asleep and does not catch the arrow right when it turns green--you definitely only get through if you are the first or second car. Many more go illegally through after waiting so long to turn. This intersection is heavily traveled by Universal employees and residents.
  • Us27 And Sr540 Winter Haven, Florida - Winter Haven
    At the intersection of US27 and SR540, the road has deep grooves from heavy trucks decelerating quickly at the street light. This makes water pool in the ruts and makes stopping more difficult. It also makes lane changing dangerous as the grooves will grab your car. Please fix this problem so that we can get the death toll down at this intersection.
  • Clay Street Headed South Between Par And Pelham. Orlando, Florida - Central Business District
    2 large depressions headed in Clay Street between Par and Pelham. Almost blew out my tire. Please fill in.
  • 5105 Turkey Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32819, USA - US Congressional District FL8
    Roadside reflector strips missing and others need repair. Have called Orange county 5 times and no response
  • International Drive At Municipal Blvd Orlando, Florida - Florida Center
    People driving south in the left lane of I Drive often pull into the right lane when they cross municipal boulevard, because the stripes don't line up properly. I have almost been side swiped several times. By the way, the new bus lanes on I Drive cause nothing but confusion as well.
  • Corner Of Central Pkwy And Cranes Circle Altamonte Springs, Florida - Altamonte Springs
    both east and west corners of intersection not lit --- very dark, dangerous intersection
  • 700 Egret Landing Place Orlando, FL - Union Park
    It's very dark and hard to see on Rouse road, at night.
    The City cutting the grass every 4 - 5 weeks (grass is high)
  • 1500 Masters Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34747, USA - Four Corners
    Intersection of Masters Blvd and Champions Gate Blvd. Traffic sensors do not work, impeding traffic flow.
  • (pothole) Archived
    1910 Slavia Rd FL 32765 - US Congressional District FL24
    Pothole on the northwest corner of 426/Slavia. It's pretty deep and just off the road when you turn left on Slavia from 426. I'm almost got stuck a number of times, dangerous when theres heavy rain.
  • Alafaua And Mcculloch Oviedo, FL - University of Central Florida
    For over a year this left lane turn light has been broken. During the busiest time of day from around 4-7, the left lane light will last 8 seconds and allow only 2 or 3 cars to pass through the light even though there may be 30 cars waiting to turn. It creates a traffic jam and enourages people to try to run the light. It also bogs down because people U turn there, which takes longer to do than just turn lieft. The timing on this light needs to be fixed.