City of Hastings

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  • Cty Rd 47/46 Hastings, MN - Hastings
    cty rd 46/47 was built in the mid 1950's
    it is a very dangerous rd. apartments have semi's 15 ft from apartments
  • Pothole Archived
    3155-3199 Village Trail Hastings, MN - Hastings
    Pothole at in southbound lane on Village trail at intersection of Teal Way and Village Trail.
  • Vermillion Road Hastings, Minnesota - Hastings
    The Pine Street sign is obstructed by trees. It is not visible from Highway 47 going east from Spring-Autumn.
  • Vermillion Street Hastings, Minnesota - Hastings
    The old bridge is missing sections. Looks pretty busted up.
  • Hastings Road South Hastings, Minnesota - Hastings
    Please reopen the north approach and south approach to the bridge to 4 lanes. It is supposed to be done by now. No one is ever working. After 4 years of being one lane in each direction, you open it to 4 lanes last November, only to snatch it away from us. Should have just finished.