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  • 370 Boston Post Rd Madison Center, CT 06443 - Madison Center
    This historic antique home is set to be demolished by builder Ronald G. Freitas of Madison. Please join local preservationists to help encourage him to renovate rather than tear down! This is important!
  • Boston Post Rd Between The Two Signal Hill Entrances Madison, CT - Madison
    When exiting Signal Hill Rd at the blinking light, the low hanging shrubs to your left (north side of Boston Post Rd) impair your line of sight. Cars that come over the hill going west aren't visible until they clear the low hanging shrubs. Given that cars can go 45 miles an hour or faster coming down that hill, you think the road is clear when it is not. If you have already started to pull out, you have to really gun it to avoid getting hit or hitting it. Please trim the shrubs!
  • 1-99 Cambridge Dr Madison, CT 06443, USA - Madison Center
    Tuxis walkway overgrown
  • 604-646 Boston Post Rd Madison, CT - Madison Center
    I was driving west bound on Rt. 1 towards Rt. 79 one day approaching the CVS driveway when a do gooder waved an east bound car to go in front of them (to enter CVS) and run right into me. The do gooder was in an SUV (in the middle lane) and we were both in cars so couldn't see each other until it was too late. There are two problems here. No.1 The do gooder thought he/she was in control of 3 lanes of traffic I guess. No.2 the road there is a free for all. I have seen east bound cars jockying to take a left to CVS and Cumberland Farms. I have seen west bound traffic making u turns, taking lefts into Henny Penny, Guilford Savings and Sunoco. There is no rhyme or reason. Is it too much to ask to lengthen the center divider on Main St. to the Rt. 79 intersection? If you have to go around the block... so be it! And don't even use the firehouse as an excuse, I don't know how many times ivé seen the volunteers drive over that divider. I have seen cars four abreast in front of the Guilford Savings bank trying to figure out what the heck is going on. So... fix the road, do gooders mind your own buisiness (your NOT helping), and the Henny Penny parking lot is NOT a shortcut to beat the traffic light!
  • 348-412 Green Hill Rd Madison, CT - Madison
    Every year the potholes on this section of Green Hill Rd. rear their head again. I'm not an expert, but I suspect they need to be repaired once and for all rather than just filled every couple of weeks. I travel this route 2x per day and my car is getting beat up.
  • 489 Durham Rd. Madison CT - Madison

    There is a fake street sign right on Durham Rd (Route 79) at the driveway of 489 Durham Rd reading "Charlie and Britta Lane". The problem is the sign is the same size, color, and height as the town's official street signs. What really puts it over the top is that is reflective just like the official street signs. To someone traveling at or under the speed limit on that main road, this false sign appears real, in all aspects. The fake sign is more than just an annoyance--it is dangerous since drivers unfamiliar with the road slow down to read it when looking for a real street.

    Not only does the presence of the sign flout logic and basic courtesy to any driver whose destination is NOT 489 Durham Rd, it also VIOLATES STATE LAW, specifically the following statutes:

    Sec. 14-310. Fraudulent or obstructive signs and signals. (a) No person, firm or corporation shall place, maintain or display upon or in view from any highway any unauthorized sign, signal, marking or device which purports to be or is in imitation of or resembles an official traffic control device or railroad sign or signal, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic or which hides from view or interferes with the effectiveness of any official traffic control device or any railroad sign or signal and no person, firm or corporation shall place or maintain, nor shall any public authority permit, upon any highway any traffic sign or signal bearing thereon any commercial advertising.
    (b) The traffic authority having jurisdiction over any such highway is authorized, without notice, to cause any such prohibited sign, signal or marking to be removed as a public nuisance.


    Sec. 13a-124. Unauthorized signs. No person, firm or corporation shall erect or maintain or cause to be erected or maintained, within three hundred feet of any state highway, any sign which has thereon any of the following words: “Stop”, “caution”, “danger”, “dangerous”, “warning” or “slow”, or any other word or character or any device, floodlight or spotlight, signal or symbol intended to give or capable of giving warning or direction to or interfering with traffic, except with the approval or under the direction of the commissioner. No provision of this section shall be construed to prevent any officer of any municipality or any public utility company from erecting or maintaining any danger or warning sign required by statute or any sign designed for the protection of the public or to aid in the operation of any public utility. No such direction or danger sign shall bear the name of any article or product or the name or address of any person, firm or corporation or any advertisement. The commissioner may enter upon any property and remove any sign which does not conform to the provisions of this section. Any person, any member of any firm or any corporation violating any provision of this section shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars for the first offense and not more than five hundred dollars for each subsequent offense.

  • 40 Sportsman Hill Rd Madison, Connecticut - Madison
    This is a very dangerous intersection with lot's of things taking place. Cars coming down 79 usually are going pretty fast with people in front of them turning left or going around someone turning left.
    Cars getting off I95 exit 61 Northbound and taking a left have a hard time. Visibility to the left is limited with cars going upwards of 50 mph. Traffic from the right are in acceleration mode. I know, nobody wants more lights in town but maybe some minor things could be done to help.
  • 1278 Durham Rd Madison Center, CT 06443, USA - Madison
    Why can't the state mow the North Madison traffic circle more than 3 times a year? When they do mow it, why can't they cut it a little shorter since they forsee they won't be back for 6-8 weeks. If I didn't know for a fact that I would @#$% my husband off, I would ride my mower down every few weeks and mow it but unfortunatly my mowers NOT registered and he would freak out. This view is not only unsightly it is somewhat dangerous and unsafe when it starts looking like a wheat field. UGH! What makes me laugh is the town makes you get a permit to place a GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SALE sign in the circle (which THEY obviously DON'T take care of) but if they see a sign w/o a permit it will disappear...WHAT A JOKE...who's responsible the town or the state??? I'll upload the image around the end of August because it gets mowed before Memorial, before July 4th and before Labor Day from what my 10 years of viewing experience have witnessed.
  • 121 Middle Beach Rd Madison Ct 06443, New Haven, CT - Madison Center
    White male cat "Rag Doll Breed" "Skipper" long hair with crooked bone in tail blue eyes some grey markings missing and beleived to have been taken in about 8 blocks away or so by someone who believes him to be lost. Missing for 4 5 weeks or so and older owner extrememly distrought and saddened. Any info appreciated 203-245-9544
  • 2001-2071 Durham Rd Madison, CT 06443, USA - Madison
    School bus standing every morning between 7-730 waiting to make run. Impedes line of site on a state hwy for cars looking to access rte 79 southbound from cross road. Have contacted both Madison Police service and Durham Bus Company several times, no action to date. Some is going to get hurt!
  • resident Archived
    64 Princess Dr East River, CT 06443 - Madison
  • 125 Forest Brook Rd Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford
    Party Garage on our circle daily, these guys driving out past our home's intoxicated at least 5 out of 7 evenings a week. Been watching with binoculars and called police number of times. Police need to start stopping these guys before they kill someone walking on Nortontown Rd. There is always a blue pick up truck, a white Toyota pickup truck with ladder racks and a red pick up their on a regular basis, these men urinating outside and leaving intoxicated needs to be monitored more closely. This home is located off the road but can be seen from our yards. I am speaking on behalf of more than myself. My son states the son smokes dope in his room and on the property daily and he has seen the mother and the guys do cocaine in the home. Someone needs to start watching this activity before a tragedy happens. I will try and get images to post.