Berkeley Township, NJ

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Township of Berkeley, Ocean County, NJ

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  • Garden State Pkwy Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Ocean County
    Mile post 77.4 southbound.
    Left land on the small bridge.
    The roadway has dropped again creating dangerous driving conditions.
    The bump that you ride over can easily bounce you into the other lane and cause severe damage to your vehicle.
    It is a work corridor so the road way has been made smaller for bridge construction.
  • Route 9 And Scott Drive BAYVILLE, NJ, 08721 - Bayville
  • Double Trouble Rd Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Bayville
    Why cant they pave the bridge better. Their are major dips in the road.
  • Stanton Ave - Ocean County
    There is a big pot hole when your turn onto stanton ave from rt 9 and when you turn on stanton ave from hess gas station . This pot hole need to be fixed before they cause an accident or damage to the vehicles that need to get on this road. This has been reported to the township and nothing has been done yet. THE MAIN CAUSE OF THIS IS FROM BEACHWOOD TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL GARBAGE TRUCKS SITTING ON THE SIDE OF THIS ROAD WAY BECAUSE THEY ALL FUEL UP AT THE HESS GAS STATION. forget when it rains the water floods so bad do to this problem.
  • 115 Surf Drive 08752 - Ocean County
    numerous potholes nad broken curb
  • Intersection Ocean & Poplar Str Beachwood, NJ 08722, USA - Bayville
    Repair the huge gully at this intersection
  • 153 Grand Central Pkwy Beachwood, NJ 08722, USA - Bayville
    huge pot hole, which has been temporarily fixed, with large hump - 5 cars received flat tires
    county says they will be back to fix
  • 20 Grouse Dr Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Bayville
    Needs to be plowed! only 1 car at a time and pray it doesn't get stuck!
  • 120-128 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Ocean County
    At the corner of Stanton and Rte 9, there have been many near misses because the neighborhood can not see over the piles, stop or proceed onto Rte 9. These piles are created by NOT PLOWING SNOW OR NOT MOVING SNOW. Hess Gas piled their snow so high it spilled over onto Stanton and RTE 9 and Fireside Diner did not plow at all! So the small neighborhood we are did not get anything to speak of. We got one pass with a truck. December 29 2010, no trash collected because the WM Trash truck was stuck for an hour plus on Stanton entrance to neighborhood. No one could get out of the three small streets we are (Stanton to Oakwood Ave). Can we get any help with better snow plowing and not plow us in again? I have heard when you mention that you need help, the plow drivers in Berkeley Twp are spiteful and plow you in again after shoveling for days to get out.
  • 1-400 Cape May Ave Pt. Pleasant Ave. and surrounding streets, Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Ocean County
    This neighborhood has many residents that do not maintain their properties such as, but not limited to, parked vehicles on lawns for extended periods of time, mowing lawns not done in a timely fashion- if at all, leaves, eyesore type items and trash strewn about front lawns for long periods of time, and an overall lack of caring about their property appearance and lack of respect for themselves which effects the quality of life for their neighbors who do maintain properly.
  • 425atlantic City Blvd bayville, NJ - Bayville
    Traffic signs indicate 2 lanes northbound (right lane for exiting and turns) in front of McDonalds- No dividing lines, no indication of where the right lane actually begins other than the the signs, and roadway widens to the correct width of 2 lanes. If you are in that right lane, and there is an accident you are in trouble.
  • 355 Maryland Ave Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Bayville
    Scattered potholes, one is massive in the dip at the intersection of Maryland and Roosevelt Aves. Gets hidden when dip is flooded.