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  • 6966 Heisley Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    The light exiting Wal-Mart and turning onto Heisley is one of the shortest lights in Mentor. If you are trying to take a left onto Heisley it only lets about four cars go before it turns to red. For the many of us that have been there you know you can easily sit through two lights before you get your chance. In addition the sensor deciding when that light turns green is terrible. You could sit there for a really long time, with no traffic on Heisley, before the light changes.
  • 30460 Lakeland Blvd Wickliffe, OH 44092, USA - Wickliffe
    I'm not traffic engineer, but there MUST be a solution to the traffic mess in this area. The timing of traffic signals at the intersections of #1: E305St. & Marginal Rd.(just N of Rt.2); #2: E305 & Rt2 EB entrance/exit ramps(just S of Rt.2) & #3: E305 & Lakeland Blvd.(just N of the BP & Valero stations) HAVE BEEN TWEAKED AGAIN and it is complete chaos at evening rush hour. I don't know about other times of the day, but 5:30-6pm-ish, EB Rt2 traffic is backed onto the freeway at the E305 exit, folks are cutting each other off, running red lights (or maybe I should say CRAWLING through red light), because you can't get through the intersection otherwise. HELP!!! Can we PLEASE get some PROFESSIONAL to look at this area instead of whoever keeps changing the signals' timing and then decides to wait & see what happens?????
  • 8000-8036 Ohio 306 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
  • Som Center Rd Willoughby, OH 44094, USA - Eastlake
    Whose bright idea was it to have construction on Som Center, Vine Street, and Route 2 all at the same time? Half the time there are no workers on the Som Center Bridge, yet it's an absolute mess to navigate this heavily-congested area. Pick up the pace so we can get around our cities!!!
  • 35001-35199 Ohio 283 Timberlake, OH 44095, USA - Timberlake

    Several times now I've seen people getting pulled over for turning right on red, however these people come to a complete stop before doing so.

    Timberlake needs to judge better when people are using this intersection, then again they are probably dozing off as it seems they have nothing better to do then pull over drivers in their little town.

  • 1101-1173 E 305th St Willowick - Wickliffe
    Tired of having to wait for 3 lights in order to get off freeway. Also...people in turn lane to get on Rt 2 east tend to block traffic trying to turn onto E. 305 Northbound from said freeway ramp.
  • 9600-9646 County Highway 408 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Hoose Road connects around 17 neighborhood streets along its just under 2-mile stretch. There is no sidewalk, bike path, or extended berm. There are drainage ditches on both sides. Many people use this road to bike, jog, walk dogs, etc. and cars frequently run 45+ mph. We need some space!! Please don't wait until someone gets killed!
  • 7085 Mentor Ave Willoughby, OH 44094, USA - Mentor
    Hey news-herald get rid of the STUPID undertone pop up on your site. Also you really could get rid of 90% of the other annoying advertising on this site. Your site is pratically unreadable. Also I make a note on these ads and make it a point not to do business with any of them.
  • State Highway 283 Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    When is this going to be cleaned up? All the stores are vacant.
    This is a major eyesore for the city of Mentor. Tear the buildings down or make the owner of this eyesore clean it up ASAP.
  • 9150-9398 Hendricks Rd Mentor, OH 44060, USA - Mentor
    Not unusual to wait 5 minutes to turn left on Heisley. Especially at night when there is no traffic.
  • 34989 Lakeshore Blvd Timberlake, OH 44095, USA - Timberlake
    Timberlake cops policing an area that, #1 I'm not sure it's even in Timberlake, and #2 certainly designed to prey on anyone other than a resident of Timberlake, and lastly what would Timberlake think if Eastlake stationed police cars across from all the exits from their city and ticketed them for any lame reason.
  • Johnnycake Ridge Road Painesville, OH 44077, USA - US Congressional District OH14
    House and garage are close to Rd (RT 84) and garage invariably has several cars, some up on jacks, being repaired. The garage is stacked full of junk. A real eye-sore!