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Horrific Conditions on Wash Ave Ext

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  • 200-210 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, New York - Dunes
    Washington Ave Ext from Rte 155 to the recently concluded new construction @ UAlabany is STILL in miserable shape and needs to be updated / fixed / repaired / reconstructed / repaved - something, anything! It is absolutely unbearable trying to circumnavigate this route EVERYDAY! Please, please. please fix it soon!
  • 240 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, New York - Dunes
    The entire length of Wash Ave Ext from 155 to Crossgates is is dire need of a repave, makeover, or what-have-you! This road has been neglected for years and now that the SUNY ALB project is nearly finished as well as the Fuller Road upgrade, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE upgrade Washingto Ave Ext as I travel this round everyday, and it jsut get worse and worse everyday!
  • 178 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY 12203, USA - Dunes

    Normally the City of Albany is pretty good about getting their issues fixed in a somewhat timely manner...This one has been getting worse and worse and nothing is being done about yet.

    I hit this once when it first appeared (it seems to have started LARGE, and only gotten bigger since) and it caused around $300 worth of damage to my car. I dont want to see anyone else get put in the same situation.

  • 300 Washington Avenue Extension Albany New York - Dunes
    2nd or 3rd Street Light on eastbound lane, just east of "pine west/Columbia cir" is loose at the screws on the concrete base and gyrates around with the wind. Appears to be ready to drop into the road at some point. Should be inspected and fixed ASAP!