Lacona / Transverse / Linnview

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Carrick / Lower Carrick: Widespread potholes on Lacona Street, Transverse Avenue and Linnview Avenue. Linnview not as bad as the others, due to recent work in 2012.

Notified About

  • Unknown - Northern Way Between Highnote And Transverse - Carrick
    Well-travelled alleyway used as a shortcut for locals on Lacona Street to get to and from Brownsville Road. Other alleys nearby have been fixed, as have the main roads, but Northern Way remains a wreck, a full year after the snows.
  • Northern Way At Transverse - Carrick
    Several potholes remain in this well-travelled alley a full year after initial reports.
  • 51 Lacona (Across Street) - Carrick
    Furrowed potholes remain on Eastbound side of Lacona Street across from 51, from sewer and concrete work performed back in May. This will open up over the winter and become a real axle-buster.