Riverdale-Grandview Heights Neighborhood Watch

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Watching issues created after: 2013-06-07

Citizens concerned for their neighborhood; Jamestown Apartment resident; city and county residents in the Riverdale Subdivision of SE Roanoke City/County

Notified About

  • Connecticut Ave Nw & Veazey Ter Nw Washington, DC - Chevy Chase
    There is a metal plate (utility cut) on the east side of the Connecticut Ave NW and Veazey Ter NW intersection. It has been there for OVER ONE YEAR. The plate is now loose and is a hazard to cars and pedestrians. Please fix!
  • 4100 Livingston Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase
    multiple large potholes in road causing car damage and dangerous swerving by cars trying to avoid them
  • Intersection Of 39th St Nw And Reno Rd Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase
    The intersection of 39th St NW and Reno Rd NW, especially when approached on 39th St NW from the north, is so dangerous that accidents and near-accidents are a daily occurrence (actually, many times per day). Sightlines are so bad that drivers must creep out into Reno Rd or else risk a high-speed side collision. Either a yellow or red light needs to be put at the intersection, or at least extra caution signs. I have complained to the city--and to police, ambulance, traffic officials at accidents, DMV, city council's office, etc.--for a decade but nothing has been done. All the city officials need to do to verify this info is to interview residents who live near the intersection (as do I); consult accident records; and try driving the intersection themselves.
  • 4100 Livingston St. Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase
    large pile of decaying leaves from last Fall on Livingston taking up valuable parking space on a busy park street
  • 4102-4198 Livingston Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase
    There are at least 7 significant large potholes on Livingston between 42nd street and 41st place. One is four feet wide. I've attached just one photo, but there are more.
  • Nevada And Morrison - Chevy Chase
  • curb repair Archived
    4100 Livingston St Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Chevy Chase
    much of the curb on livingston between 42nd and 41st street is deteriorated and broken due to weather and trucks using the street as a staging site for area construction.
  • 3921 Windom Place Northwest Washington, DC 20016, USA - Chevy Chase
  • 4100 Livingston St Nw Washington, DC 20015, USA - Chevy Chase
    Numerous potholes on Livingston St NW between Western Ave and 41st St
  • 4340 Connecticut Ave Nw University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC 20008, USA - Chevy Chase
    Lights blinking @ Conn & Yuma. Very dangerous because kids are at nearby Franklin Montessori.
  • 4802 Nebraska Ave Nw Washington, DC 20016, USA - Chevy Chase
    Westbound school zone lights flashing on Sunday. Please check and adjust days of week for flashing times.
  • 5130 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20015, United States of America - Chevy Chase