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  • Sidewalks/Curbing Acknowledged
    Russell Court And Stonewall Drive Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    There is no sidewalk on Russell Court and Stonewall drive, this is very dangerous when children are walking, can there be one installed? Also the sidewalks that are present on the Stonewall side are not functioning because of overgrown trees in some areas forcing you onto the roadway. I think all of the sidewalks in the Stonewall area even the side streets should be repaired and curbs installed as there are a lot of children in the area.. Thank you.
  • Center St Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Center St is badly in need of being repaved and absolutely needs new sidewalks and curbing. I have owned my house for 8 yrs and have seen every single surrounding street be repaved once if not twice. The horrible curbing (made of hot top and not granite) is crumbling all along the street. I can't see why the sidewalks are not extended on one side while being cut on the other and having parking on just one side of the street. It would also be nice to have the sidewalk be tree lined. Why are we being ignored? There are numerous children who live on this street and walk to and from the bus stop in the middle of the street because the sidewalks are in terrible shape or have cars parked up on them.
  • 127a Washington Street Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    There is a crosswalk outside our house that goes across Washington Street and is widely used by pedestrians to access Washington Circle and the adjacent Central Street. Despite the fact that this crosswalk was recently painted, cars never stop for pedestrians and instead speed right through, which makes crossing the street in the crosswalk treacherous. Can a sign be placed somewhere to alert drivers coming from both directions on Washington Street that there is a crosswalk and that they are lawfully obligated to stop for pedestrians?
  • 57 Conn St Woburn, MA 01801, USA - Woburn
    Yard waste has been out to the curb since pickup week. We have called Waste Management several times to complain, the first being within 48 hours of missed pick up. Was told it would be picked up and it never was. Called again and now they are refusing to pick up. Getting tired of calling on the phone and getting nowhere. It's been nearly two weeks. Recycling pick up was last week which was also not picked up. When we called about that, we were told recycling goes straight to the trash anyway? If my recycling for the past three years has been going to the trash, I would like some sort of explanation as well as a higher up to complain to. Now today regular trash was not picked up for the second week in a row. What is going on???
  • Other Archived
    2-98 Munroe St Woburn, MA, 01801, USA - Woburn
  • 1 South Street Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Please cut the grass in this large field.
  • Sidewalks/Curbing Acknowledged
    Forest Glen Road Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    i reported this issue last year and wanted to see if it could be addressed again. I am even willing to do the work myself if you'd allow the curb cut. (100% serious). Cars fly on this road and its very dangerous to cross having to run my kids' stroller to the opening in the nearest driveway.
    At the end of forest glen road, there is no crosswalk to get to the other side of alfred st. Also, if a crosswalk was placed here, then there should be a ramp to get onto the sidewalk on alfred st. There are multiple school aged children that live on forest glen and infants in carriages that would benefit from this.
  • Street Signs Archived
    1 Industrial Parkway Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    The new "NO TURN ON RED" is outrageous. This intersection is absolutely not dangerous with a great visibility. Now, there is ALWAYS a line to turn right into Mishawum Rd (from Mishawum Rd). And the green light does not even last longer. Please remove that new sign.
  • Russell Street @ Cambridge Road Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn

    When waiting at the traffic light from Russell Street or Lexington Street to cross Cambridge Road does not change in a timely fashion. It stays red for too long causing a backup. In addition to this, if you are on Russell Street and want to go straight onto Lexington Street you are stuck behind someone that wants to turn left onto Cambridge Road. This could be fixed by adding a left turn only lane, or allowing the right lane to also go straight instead of right only. There is plenty of room there to widen the intersection.

    For now though, please look into the timing of the light at Russell Street and Cambridge/Lexington.

  • 62-98 Morse Street Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Multiple cars and construction equipment parking on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. This has been a recurring issue for almost a year. Please ticket!
  • Fowle St Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Can the residents of Fowle St. get an ETA on the completion of all the road construction with RJ Devereaux? It has been going on for over 9 months now. Our house and deck are filthy from all the debris. And the road closures, noise, dirt piles, uneven pavement, and construction vehicles are unsightly and inconvenient.
  • Parking Archived
    Madison Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn


    A new house is being constructed on my street. The workers vehicles are parked all over and have been blocking the street since they have shown up but even more so now because of all the snow. There is ample parking behind where the new home is going so not sure the need for on street parking I can't get in and out of my own driveway. The workers literally watch me struggle. I also couldn't receive 2 delivers due to street being blocked. I hate to sound like a huge witch but I live
    Any help would be appreciated

    thank you