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  • Pothole Archived
    Bayfront Expy Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Large gap in surface of Bayfront Multiple Use Trail. Dangerous conditions nearly caused me to crash on my bicycle. Needs repaired immediately before someone is injured.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    El Camino Real & Ravenswood Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    There is a very dangerous series of damaged roadway on El Camino in the approach to the right turn lane of Santa Cruz. I got a one inch gash on the side of my tire that is not repairable.
  • Bayfront Park Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    I live near bayfront park, and like to go there for walk. As I was walking today, a couple had a bigger/scarier dog off leash. The dog came running at me, and I got really scared. At this point, I asked them if they could hold the dog, so I could pass by. I also mentioned that dogs are supposed to be on leash according to the sign in the park. At this point the gentleman got really angry, and threatened me. My heart was already racing from dog running at me, then he was very threatening.
    If the police can't enforce leashing laws no point in having them! I hope something will be done so those with fear of dogs can enjoy the park too. thanks.
  • Evelyn St & Santa Cruz Ave Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Dear Chief Bertini, 7/21/2019
    I commend you for removing the homeless from Santa Cruz Avenue in preparation for the festival this weekend.
    I have talked to the merchants and they want to be assured that the homeless ( especially “Amanda” who sleeps on the sidewalk in front of Pharmaca ) will NOT return to the street.
    San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc have allowed homelessness to grow into a serious health risk.
    Public “camping” on city sidewalks needs to be properly responded to.
    The homeless need mental health care, food and shelter.
    Now that is cleaned up, Please make sure the homeless do not return to the street in Menlo Park. They need intervention and care.
    Thank you,
    Michael DeMoss
    Menlo Park resident
  • 1990 Byers Drive Menlo Park, CA 515, United States of America - Menlo Park
    This large commercial semi parks on Byers and OConnor multiple times per week. While I'm not aware of any specific restriction on daytimes it is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. However, last night it was AGAIN left on the street all night with no citation. This has been going on intermittently for MONTHS. Please come cite overnight parking EVERY night until it stops.
  • Pothole Archived
    Ravenswood Ave Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    This isn't a pothole, but it was the best choice for description. When, oh when, is the horrific raised asphalt on the SB side of the rail road tracks going to be fixed. Even going Very Slowly over it, my car is jostled around to the point that groceries spilled all over the back seat of the car. This is dangerous and particularly so for a drive who doesn't expect to be thrown around, nearly into the adjacent lane. What is the timeline for fixing this?
  • 1150 Chrysler Drive Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    Loop transportation for Facebook Inc. buses are consistently in violation of CA 22400 (blocking roadway) causing backup all the way to Bayfront every morning. Their clients should provide an area to unload that does not impede traffic
  • 1201-1205 Chrysler Drive Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    A previous report on this was closed, but it has NOT been resolved. A bus stopped to unload in the middle of the road in front of my car today. Facebook needs to know they do not own this street and they can not block traffic on it to load and unload their buses. I will keep opening up new reports on this until it is reolved.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    1781 Santa Cruz Avenue Menlo Park, CA 94027, United States of America - Menlo Park
    The sidewalk in Santa Cruz between Lemon and Elder is in terrible and dangerous shape. This stretch is on the clock adjacent to Hillview where kids bike and walk everyday. I tripped this morning while pushing a stroller that got jammed in one of the potholes.
  • Menlo Ave & University Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    The crosswalk spanning University Ave by Menlo Ave (by Drager's) is confusing to motorists and dangerous to pedestrians. Driving down University towards Middle, motorists must contend with a) a strange double stop, b) a sudden, car-length split into left-turn/straight lanes, and c) an angled crosswalk. Moreover, signs/instructions are placed in unexpected locations. These unique features lead to cognitive overload, especially when pedestrians are present - it often becomes unclear as to who has right of way. While crossing this crosswalk earlier today (proceeding towards the side opposite Drager's), I was nearly struck by a driver heading towards Middle in the "straight" lane (on the far side of Drager's). While the driver was at the first stop sign, I began to cross, but a stopped car in the left-turn lane obscured the driver's view of me. By the time the driver was at the second stop sign, I was in the middle of the crosswalk and hidden by the driver's A-pillar. The car came within a foot of running me over and didn't see me until I was at their window. I have witnessed other close calls at this intersection as well. I'm not sure what the specific solution is, but my general feeling is that the intersection/crosswalk needs to be simplified. I don't believe the orange flags at this intersection are adequate (and seem unsafe given COVID-19).
  • Menlo Park - Menlo Park
    Corner of garwood and glenwood, there's always lots of junk dumped by the "donation" box. Why is the box there and can it be removed? It seems to just attract illegal dumping
  • 875 University Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    A gas powered leaf blower was used to loft dust and noxious fumes at both 875 University Dr and 907 Oak Ln, at 9:30 am on Sep 15, a Spare the Air day, in violation of City code section 8.07.030.