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  • Stop Sign Near 194 Meeting House Ln Orange, CT 06477 - Orange
    I go this route almost every morning on my way to work, for approx 3 years now. I can probably count on one hand how many cars I've actually seen stop at this stop sign. Most every other person just blows right through it, usually talking on their cell phone. It's a tight street, so it's especially dangerous. I think an officer near that corner for a few mornings, a few tickets issued, and people might start to think twice about ignoring the stop sign.
  • Speeding Archived
    Route 34 Orange, CT - Orange
    Cars are speeding on Route 34 in Orange, some doing over 70 MPH. When I turn onto Route 34 from North Indian Hill Road, the curve of Route 34 at that spots means that a car doing even 60 MPH will not be visible to me in time while making the decision to turn onto 34 (a car doing OVER 70 was able to shift into the left lane in time, barely missing the car in the left lane and me, should I mention the combination of dealer plates and dealer logo on the car?). Ironically, the speed limit drops to 25 MPH shortly after this, and cars flying by me while I am doing 45 MPH are ignored by police cars parked along the road (the car dealer's car was still doing 70 there, I clocked him up to 60 and he was still pulling away). I only do 45 in that area because people have challenged me to fights when I did the speed limit, which I agree is absurdly low, but it is what it is and should be enforced. They should put up signs with lights that say 25 MPH WHEN LIT, but that is not my call. I called the Orange Police Department two years ago and they said the "radar sign" was booked and so it would be awhile. It is now 2 years and counting.
  • Milford city (balance), CT - Milford
    Police often hide near the intersection of Stiles Road and North st (near the community gardens and the back entrance to the park).