Elijah Beale

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Cab drivers get away with murder here. They drive as fast as they want and recklessly. The area is patrolled by security gaurds, who I am told, cannot pull over cars. Regular police don't frequent enough to see bike-car related incidents.

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  • 4127 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Cobbs Creek
    Something serious needs to be done to calm traffic on this section of Chestnut. It is out of control. The lack of bikeability and speeding hurts the economy of the area, reduces property values and also endangers pedestrians.
  • 100 S 44th St Philadelphia Pa 19104 - Cobbs Creek
    The bike lane between Powelton Ave and Walnut St on 44th St is very faded. You can just barely see it, and drivers often treat this street as two lanes, blocking the bike lane. The whole street is in bad shape, but even some stripes painted on it would make a big difference. It's very difficult to navigate on a bike during rush hour.
  • 4101 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    3 foot long hole along trolley track is approx. 5-6 inches deep and dangerous for pedestrians and bikers.
  • 3400-4000 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    The recent resurfacing of Chestnut St. between 34th and 40th Streets brought unfortunate changes for cyclists. First, the wide, right-hand-side parking lane (34th-38th) that used to double as a bike lane was removed and replaced with a narrow parking lane and a narrow driving lane. Now I encounter multiple cases of harassment per week due to drivers' annoyance at me taking up the right lane. The section between 38th and 39th has recently been converted to a "loading zone", which causes even more confusion and rage in drivers, who appear to think it is a bike lane. A dedicated bike lane all along this section would be fantastic, but failing that, some nice big "SHARE THE ROAD" signs would also be excellent.
  • 4031 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Cobbs Creek

    Several major cracks and depressions exist in the right hand lane that pose a hazard to those biking.

    ALSO: At the intersection of 40th & Chestnut, the trolley tracks are hazardous to cross by bike (please height of track compared to road level and gaps between bricks need to be improved!)

  • 4400 Walnut Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    There is a really dangerous hole in the middle of the street, and tonight there was yet another accident. Streets needs to at least put a cone there. There are tons of kids, cyclists, and cars on and around this area, and it is dangerous.
  • 4001 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    12:30 am, 8/22: I walked my bicycle of the sidewalk into the right side of Walnut street and 40th (going West), and started riding (where the bike lane formerly existed). A Septa bus was stopped at the stoplight on Walnut. As I started riding, the Septa bus started honking repeatedly. The light presumably turned green, and the bus accelerated rapidly, drove up beside me, and then slowed down to my speed. The driver was looking at me and saying something, but I couldn't hear through the bus door. I ignored him, and he drove away. I consider this harassment and possibly rage.
  • 216 S 46th Street Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    This building had garbage / recycling bins out this morning (7am) even though collection is still over 24 hours away. Moreover, this is not uncommon behavior and contibutes to the mess of garbage that is always found in front of this property.
  • Pavement lump Archived
    4049 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    Mounded pavement blocks almost half the bike lane.
  • 200 Block S 40th - Cobbs Creek
    Driver opened door w/o looking - cyclist and driver injured, neither seriously
  • 4506 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19139, USA - Cobbs Creek
    This street needs to be plowed and salted. There is at least a 3-4inch layer of pure ice on Locust from 43rd st to at least 46th. It is incredibly dangerous - I've seen many accidents since last week.
  • 4400-4408 Pennsylvania 3 Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Cobbs Creek
    There's always a car in this spot outside of 4410 Walnut, and it's a painted-off no parking spot - there's no posted sign though. Cars parked in that spot block view of drivers in a cross street and cause pull-out accidents. Can we please get a posted sign?