Alberta Street Neighbors

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Alberta St. neighborhood community, comprised of the residents of Alberta St. west of Louisiana to east of S. Grand Ave. 63118

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  • 4045 Connecticut St St. Louis, Missouri - Tower Grove South
    There are raccoons living in the attic and they use my deck as a bathroom. I have small children and it is very unsanitary.
  • 1117 Dolman St St Louis, MO 63104, USA - Lafayette Square
    This empty lot has not been mowed for over 6 weeks!
  • St. Charles @ 17th Street St. Louis, MO 63103, USA - Downtown West
    There is a large opening in the sidewalk on the 17th Street side of our building at 1627 Locust St. (Between St. Charles and Locust). It looks like one of those large grates has been removed. This is a serious safety issue.
  • 4260 Russell St Louis, MO - Shaw
    The street light in front of 4248 is out, and the light in the alley to the east of 4260 is out. There are lots of people congregating in this area in the evening.
  • 4068 Papin St St. Louis, MO 63110 - Forest Park Southeast
    There are several unattractive buildings in this area. Can they be torn down?
  • 1302 Mississippi St Louis, MO - Lafayette Square
    This house has essentially been abandoned for well over a year. The yard is completely overgrown and the back of the house is a mess and includes unsecured broken windows. I've reported this house to the city for years, but no action has been taken. It is in a row of attached homes and is a potential hazard for all of us.
  • 4210 College Avenue St Louis, MO - Fairground Neighborhood
    To Whom This May Concern,

    I am a resident of the 21st Ward and I live next door to a vacant building that I would like to have demolished. This vacant building is a danger to the neighborhood because every time St. Louis experiences a bad storm bricks fly off of this building. These flying bricks could cause harm to the residents of the neighborhood, houses nearby, and cars that are parked on the street.

    This building is located at 4210 College Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63107. The people who live on this street, College, have been calling the City of Saint Louis for 10 years to get this building demolished and nothing has been done. As You will see in the photographs that I have attached, the back of this building has been torn out and it really looks terrible. This building not only brings down the neighborhood but it also makes the children in the neighborhood feel unsafe.

    This building is causing extreme distress to my family who happens to live next door. The vacant building is very old and we are pretty sure it will collapse soon and we don't want it to cause any harm to our home, which is the reason for me contacting you today. The filthiness of this building cause us to experience indoor pests which is a burden to us

    So by sending this email and showing you all the importance of the demolition of this building, I hope that this problem is soon solved. This building should be torn down as soon as possible. And if nothing is done to this building me and the residents will continue to complain and find ways of trying to make this horrible site disappear.

    Thank You
  • Corner Of Euclid And Forest Park Parkway St. Louis, MO - Central West End
    The "walk" signal for pedestrians walking south on Euclid across Forest Park Pkwy does not function correctly. Cars traveling south on Euclid get a left turn arrow, but the "walk" signal does not come on after the arrow goes off (If it goes off. Often it does not.). This is a very busy pedestrian intersection. The traffic moving east on Forest Park Pkwy often starts before pedestrians can cross. There is construction at the northwest corner of the intersection, which may be complicating the issue. It might be best to set the lights to signal for all possible circumstances (pedestrians, left turning cars, etc.) until the construction is completed.
  • 2407 South 13th St Ave St Louis, MO 63104, USA - Lafayette Square
    Back on Memorial Day, the owner used a back hole to remove sidewalks, remove top soil and trash, The large pile has been there since. When it rains the dirt becomes mud and covers the sidewalk. With the tall grass, trash, weeds, we have rats again. Owner operates a home-repair-construction company from the home even though its not zoned for this.
  • 4100 Parker Ave. St Louis, MO - Tower Grove South
    All street light out. 41xx Parker Ave.
  • gang grafitti Archived
    4109 Lafayette Ave St Louis, MO 63110, USA - Botanical Heights