Lake Orion, MI

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Village of Lake Orion - Watch area monitored by Village Manager Darwin McClary and Police Chief Jerry Narsh

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  • 264 N Lapeer Rd Lake Orion, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    The traffic is much worse since the installation of the new "SMART" lights. Please remove and use the money for something usefull
  • 136-300 N Lapeer Rd Lake Orion, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    Pedestrians can't possibly cross safely at the corner of 24 & Flint. A residential neighborhood is connected to the downtown village of Lake Orion via this intersection. Unsupervised kids often use this route to walk home from after school programs. Children or entire families often try to cross there and they're forced to run before the light changes. This is a very busy intersection and it's dangerous. Why wait until someone gets killed?
  • Pot holes Archived
    Lake Orion Orion Township, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    When on Flint st making a right turn onto M-24 (eastbound) pot holes need to be filled.
  • broken glass Archived
    201-335 S Broadway St Lake Orion, Michigan - Lake Orion
    the plexi glass bubble is broken at Childrens park
  • 4 way stop Archived
    300-316 Lake Street Orion Township, Michigan - Lake Orion
    The 4 way stop at the intersection of Lake St and S Andrews is often ignored. Just today, I observed 12 cars either completely disregard or roll through the stop. Given all the kids in the area, this is an accident waiting to happen. Please increase patrols to monitor the situation.
  • 588-698 E Flint St Lake Orion, MI - Lake Orion
    This area is a 3 way stop that needs to be patrolled. Almost on a daily basis drivers are not following the proper "right of way" rules. I see it so often, that I thought maybe it was me that did not know the law. Looked it up, it wasn't me . The biggest problem occurs in the afternoon and drivers turning from Orion Rd left onto Flint. That is the biggest line up at that time and my impression is people are anxious to get home. They don't stop before the stop sign, almost 10 feet past, don't use signals, but the biggest problem is not waiting their turn. And, I cannot tell you how many times I see 2 cars go thought at once! Really.. No exaggeration. One guy even waved and gave me a sinister smile as I honked since I almost hit him. i am now trying to get this reported as this week someone was trying to cross the road there and almost got hit because of this disregard of stop sign laws.
  • Lake Orion Orion Township, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    Everytime I drive through Lake Orion, VERY FEW people are going close to the speed limit. It's basically a free for all, you can go any speed you wish in Lake Orion. You rarely see any police stopping these people from going over the speed limit. However, you do see semi trucks pulled over. It seems like the Lake Orion police go after trucks and probably the fines they can get from trucks. But, again if you drive a regular passenger vehicle, you can do whatever you want. I'm not a truck driver, I'm a passenger vehicle driver and I'm sick of almost getting run over every time I'm in Lake Orion
  • Pothole Archived
    Lake Orion, MI - Lake Orion
    Large pothole Baldwin Rd., west side, at Gregory Rd.
  • Speeding Archived
    Atwater St. Lake Orion 48362, Orion charter Township, Michigan - Lake Orion
    Atwater Street is a main thoroughfare between M24 and Orion rd. This street has a speed limit of 25mph but commuters rarely obey this limit. The street is regularly patrolled by LOPD but the sheer volume of traffic makes it difficult to prevent all speeders. There is a large number of children in this area that utilize Atwater park and are put at risk by speeders (40+ Mph). I would like to propose the installation of portable radar speed signs (see attached) near the Atwater park cross-walk. These simple/ cost effective signs have been proven to be an effective device at reducing vehicle traffic speeders.
  • 378-388 South Broadway Street Orion Township, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    The noise from these huge trucks are shaking the walls in my home because of the low manhole covers or holes on M-24. This goes on from 4:00 am till 7:00pm everyday. People who pay taxes in the Village of Lake Orion deserve a little peace and quiet. The noise is getting progressively worse. Some type of study needs to be done.
  • Lake Orion Orion Township, MI 48362, USA - Lake Orion
    The sidewalk that runs from Lake Orion Lumber to Leo's Coney Island is not kept clear for pedestrians. It is covered in snow and ice and not passable.
  • South Broadway & Front Street lake orion, Michigan - Lake Orion
    Why aren't state and local noise ordinance laws being enforced in the city of Lake Orion? Motorcycles speed past my residence in Downtown Lake Orion every day, especially on the weekends, destroying my right to peace and enjoyment in my own home. These motorcycles are outrageously noisy, due to the fact that the exhaust has been altered with aftermarket parts which do not meet EPA noise emissions standards and are not street legal. This excessive noise is particularly bad when the motorcyclists are stopped at an intersection and proceed to rev the motor continuously. I have never seen a motorcyclist pulled over for these obvious infractions of the noise ordinance. Please start enforcing the laws and protecting the rights of the citizens of Lake Orion!