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  • 3700 Shore Drive Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    We have a large pile of Irene debris that has not been picked up. It sits between my property and my neighbor next door, right on the street.
  • 6933-6951 Old Westham Road Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    This road from the edge of the McDonalds parking lot to the intersection with Hathaway is more pothole than road. New potholes open weekly and are at times over 6" deep. This section of road is in desperate need of attention or it will fail completely.
  • 3700-3798 Meridale Road Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    The property across from Southampton Baptist Church parking lot has overgrown plants and weeds growing between 6 and 8 feet into the road. It is no longer possible for 2 cars to pass each other along much of this block of Meridale because of this issue. The weeds and plants need to be cut back and removed back to the edge of the roadway.
  • Potholes Archived
    Cherokee Road Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    Virtually the entire length of Cherokee Road between Huguenot and Forest Hill is deteriorating with more and deeper potholes every day. One section was restored recently however the entire road is in deplorable condition and getting worse
  • Cherokee Road Between Huguenot And Forest Hill Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    While the area at Rattlesnake Creek was beautifully repaved, other potholes that were less severe went un-patched. Many of those have become severe. With the lack of shoulders on this road, these potholes are very dangerous. There are also many in the center of the road which one must attempt to avoid.
  • Cherokee & Forest Hill Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    When exiting the Martin's gas station at Cherokee & Forest Hill by the East exit onto Cherokee Rd., overgrown vegetation obstructs the driver's vision on his or her left side as he or she attempts to enter Cherokee
  • Longview Drive Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    The traffic on Longview Drive travels at excessive speeds for a neighborhood. I realize it is the main street to get to Pony Pasture, however, people drive way too fast down this road. My request is to have either more police patrol for speeding cars or the long term solution would be to install speed humps all along Longview Drive as I've see on other streets. This is essential as people live in this neighborhood and take walks in the area where there are no sidewalks. Cars need to be slowed down.
  • Potholes Archived
    7627 Cherokee Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Stratford Hills
    Potholes need to be corrected
  • Intersection Of Forest Hill Ave. And Hathaway Rd. Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    4 large and ugly signs (we buy ugly houses, we buy junked cars) on telephone poles (in front of 7-11, Food Lion, and Flowerama). Too high and securely fastened for citizens to remove. Please take these down and charge posters with cost of removal.
  • 4301 Shirley Road Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Stratford Hills
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Potholes Archived
    7660 Cherokee Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Stratford Hills
    Potholes need to be filled
  • 6784 Forest Hill Avenue RICHMOND, VA - Stratford Hills
    As usual people throw their trash, garbage, whatever in front of, behind, and along the side of the 2 recycling dumpsters at the Stratford Hills shopping center.
    They even open the private enclosure there and throw bags of trash in. 3 mattresses are there too.