Southwest Eco District

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  • Southwest Fwy Washington, DC - South West
    Either a yield, merge, or some type of flashing light should be placed here as there is no warning that the right lane on the inbound ramp merges directly into the left lane of the SW Frwy. Both lanes are moving at high speeds and if you are not familiar with the area, you would (understandably) not expect a merge. I have seen cars slam on their brakes and/or nearly avoid accidents here several times. The design of the merges on the SW Frwy is terrible and not easy to fix, but placing proper signage should be easy, relatively inexpensive, and improve safety tremendously.
  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    1453 Maine Ave Washington, DC - South West
    The road conditions are horrible. The street needs to be repaved on both sides of Maine Ave under the bridge. There is an exit ramp going onto 395. The nearest intersection is Raoul Wallenberg
  • 562-598 Maryland Ave Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Sign and parking meter are contradictory, if u park behind meter as required with single meter, then you're in violation of no parking sign/arrow.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    600-698 Virginia Ave Sw Washington D.C., DC 20547, USA - South West
    I don't know if this classifies as a pot hole or a street repair, but there is a massive dip in the road on the north side of the 600 block of Virginia Ave SW (traveling west). It has been there for as long as I can remember. People often (read: always) swerve into the opposite lane to avoid driving through the sunken portion of the road. It is exceedingly dangerous. I have witnessed several near collisions as people try to avoid the dip. I drive a large SUV and one would think such a dip wouldn't be a big deal for a vehicle designed to plow through such road variances, but -- even driving at a crawl -- going through the dip jars the whole car!
  • Pothole Archived
    1393-1471 Maine Ave Sw Washington, DC 20250, USA - South West
    Roadway is really rough. Middle lane has two "speed bumps" in it just before the light, under the bridge, heading westbound. Both westbound and eastbound in this general area on Maine Ave are extremely pitted.
  • M And 14th St Sw Washington D.C., DC - South West
  • 401 3rd St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Habitual parking offender. Minutes after report of parking in metro parking moved van forward to federal building permit only space. This guys sets up a table and sells potentially counterfeit sports wear and other items. If you are selling potentially counterfeit sports wear in DC at least have the decency to wear a hat of a DC team!
  • 401 3rd St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Vehicle is parked half into no parking-Metro parking only and permit parking only. This is a daily occurrence. Please ticket and not direct him to move around the corner into Ford Office Building parking.
  • 441 3rd Street Southwest Washington, DC 20515, USA - South West
    Combustible Debris piled in support for railroad bridge.
  • 9th St Sw Washington DC 20560, USA - Capitol Hill
    The red right turn arrow at the corner of 5th/6th & Virginia SE is frequently ignored causing increased risk for pedestrians trying to cross the street. This is the detour around CSX construction at the 6th street exit of the freeway. Can additional signage, or increased enforcement be implemented?
  • 300-398 D St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Steel plate with DDot on it in street and sidewalk for over a year.
  • Sign Replace Archived
    630 E St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Sorry if this is a duplicate...
    Parking signs have all but faded away. Corner of 6th & E st SW