North Olmsted, Ohio

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North Olmsted, Ohio.

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  • Outerbelt S Fwy North Olmsted, OH 44070, USA - North Olmsted
    The city police dept that has the rights to ticket on that 1.x mile stretch of I480 is at it again. They are putting on that big flashing "arrow" on their light bar and backing up on the interstate. THIS IS GROSSLY UNSAFE and should NOT be allowed. A police vehicle with it's emergency lights on conducting a legal stop is an emergency vehicle, and traffic must yield to it. That makes sense. However, once they are done obtaining their revenue generator (odds are they do speed enforcement more on the small stretch of I480 than anywhere else in their city), when they shut their lights down, they are no longer and emergency vehicle conducting their duties, but are now like any other vehicle, and have to obey the laws. Turning on some yellow flashing arrow does not give them the safety, or legal right (in my opinion), to unsafely back up (even slowly) along a shoulder on the left side of the road! Oncoming traffic is always slamming on the brakes when they see these cops doing radar, hoping to avoid a ticket. Then it is a volley for everyone to move over to meet that safety law, so it does cause a risk of an accident occurring as they merge over (plus onramp cars coming onto 480 also). I'm no lawyer, and do not know all the laws, but backing up to save a few minutes to dive back into revenue generating is absurd for the public's safety. I know when this was an issue last year in the paper some (I believe it was a Lt) said they had the right as emergency vehicles - I take a strong stand against that - they are as they chase down the speeder, but they are no longer when they disengage. I feel they should have to continue to provide safety and protect the public by driving around and back to their property line start point. Notice no other cities or township police sit out there doing speed enforcement, just this little part of this city. Everyone's safety is at risk due to the high speeds and traffic interaction involved of cars hitting the brakes or diving over as they suddenly realize the police are backing up. I hope some politicians stop this unsafe act by the ones we expect to enforce our safety, the police, who are NOT above the law!
  • Haber Drive And West 227th Street Fairview Park, OH - Fairview Park
    Light has been out for months. On Haber and West 227th Street--northeast corner.
  • 27178 Lorain Rd North Olmsted, Ohio 44070, United States - North Olmsted
    Stop sign is bent in half
  • 25816 Brookpark Rd North Olmsted, Ohio 44070, United States - North Olmsted
    large pothole in road
  • 25067 Kennedy Ridge Rd North Olmsted, Ohio 44070, United States - North Olmsted
    Streetlight is not working and part of it is hanging down.
  • 4862 Dover Center Rd North Olmsted, Ohio 44070, United States - North Olmsted
    pothole near northeast corner.
  • Pothole Archived
    27084 Lorain Rd North Olmsted, OH 44070, USA - North Olmsted
    Trash pile near road
  • pot hole Archived
    5541 Mckenzie Road North Olmsted, OH - North Olmsted
    there is a huge pot hole in front of 5541 McKenzie Road due to the snow removal of the house directly across the street, the Lutheran Home.
  • Other Open
    25140 Lorain Rd North Olmsted 44070, North Olmsted, Ohio - North Olmsted
    there is a large pot hole at the driveway of our store customers are having trouble pulling in.
  • Barton And Lorain North Olmsted, Ohio - North Olmsted
    The pedestrian signal at the southwest corner of Barton and Lorain is not functioning.