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  • Meadowbrook State Parkway Carle Place, New York - Carle Place

    Hello there,

    I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but there are major potholes as you turn onto the ramp to head onto the Meadowbrook Pkwy. The ramp in question is the northbound, ext W1 (Old Country Road)

  • 215 Stonehinge Ln Carle Place, NY, 11514, USA - Carle Place
    There is graffiti all over what looks like not in use truck trailers And the formed plastics building along the Carle Place train station stop.
  • 126-150 Carle Rd Westbury, New York - Carle Place
    Railroad ties around children's playground in need of repair or replacement.
  • Jericho Turnpike At Glen Cove Road Old Westbury, NY - Old Westbury
    this busy intersection lacks street signs (on the corner poles) that indicate the street names in both directions. this is a busy area that many out of the area drivers need to go through- better signs would help
  • New York 25 Old Westbury, NY 11568, USA - Old Westbury
    turning east from willis ave to jericho tpke it is 20 feet down in right side of left lane, been there for months
  • Traffic Light Archived
    300 Jericho Turnpike Old Westbury, NY - Old Westbury
    The traffic lights in this intersection especially S/B on Glen Cove Road are not timed correctly. This leads to a grid lock issue and MUST be corrected.
  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    666 Old Country Road Garden City/Nassau, NY - East Garden City
    On Meadowbrook Parkway northbound in middle lane approaching Merchant's Concourse Exit
  • POTHOLE Archived
    Southeast Corner Of Old Country Road And Merchants Concourse WESTBURY, New York - East Garden City
  • 576 Broadway Carle Place, New York - Carle Place
    Most of the town's residents are dilligent about shoveling show off the sidewalks. However the plow trucks irresponsibly block the ends of the sidewalks with giant mounts of filthy snow. How are we supposed to actually use the sidewalks? I tried walking the kids to school this morning. It was absolutely impossible to use the sidewalks. Kids were walking in traffic everywhere. The crossing guard at the Cherry LN, Westbury AV intersection was in a panic. It was a total nightmare. This is inexcusable. Carle Place schools were cancelled Monday. The town had an entire day to clear the way. I guess pedestrians don't count. Its like this every winter.
  • E Jericho Turnpike Westbury, NY 11590, USA - North Hempstead
    Extremely loose manhole cover and huge hole in the right turn lane when turning onto Glen Cove Road
  • 344 Roslyn Ave Carle Place, NY - Carle Place
  • 49 Th St Newyork, NY - Carle Place
    These people are everywhere. What can be done about this?