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  • Harwood Avenue North Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    There are three consecutive street light that are burned out. One is right at the southbound bus stop at the corner of Harwood and Fishlock, the other 2 right around the corner on Fishlock making it an extremely dark and dangerous corner.
  • Finley Avenue And Rands Road Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    The Eastbound "All-Way" sign is missing and the Northbound sign says the old-fashioned "4-WAY" instead of "All-Way" at this All-Way Stop intersection, which could be confusing.
  • 10 Station Street Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    The westbound bike lane sign on Station Street just west of Harwood Avenue has been knocked down and needs to be fixed.
  • 1103 Shoal Point Road Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    The eastbound "All-Way" sign at this All-Way Stop intersection is missing, which could be confusing for drivers. E-mail being send to .
  • 5 Adams Drive Ajax, Ontario - Ajax

    I would like to report a missing street sign that notifies drivers to turn to Adams Drive in Ajax.

    When the drivers are going along Gardiner Drive in Ajax, they can't know that which particular street is Adams Drive.

    The closest major road is Harwood Avenue North (that's where Gardiner Dr. meets).

    There were to be street signs directing drivers for Adams Drive and Gardiner Drive, but it hasn't been placed recently.

    I've provided some evidence to this problem. Please investigate as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • 27 Noble Drive Ajax, ON - Ajax
    2 street lights are out at the intersection of Wicks & highway2. Light over bus stop & opposite side of Wicks make it very dark to see people, or the turn into the street.
  • 40 Kitney Drive Apt. 611, Ajax, ON - Ajax

    Ashley Manor is our home and a very active senior’s building.

    When we first heard “through the grapevine” that we had a new Property Manager, we had some hope that the many issues in Ashley Manor would be dealt with. We were disappointed a meeting wasn’t set up to meet us, or at the very least be advised of his appointment. We took a petition outlining our concerns and hand delivered it to Kevin Bradley, Property Manager of Ajax Municipal Housing on April 20, 2012. We requested a meeting in our Common Room where we could meet him, and discuss the answers to our many issues. We have had a few meetings with him since that time and our tenants remain unsatisfied.

    At a previous Question and Answer meeting on August 9, 2011, we met with Adene Kuchera, Acting Property Manager, the Tenant Co-ordinator and Oliver Forbes, Board of Directors. Oliver stressed the fact that “communication” was key, yet we still have a “lack of communication”.

    Some Issues:

    The hallway extractor fans have not been working for several months. A tenant called the Health Department and was referred to the By-Law Department. They looked into it with Ajax Municipal Housing and were advised they would be fixed in three to six months at a cost of $30,000. There are many tenants at Ashley Manor who have asthma and respiratory problems and three to six months is a lengthy time to wait. I don’t understand why the By-Law Department accepted AMHC’s response, especially since we live in a senior’s building.

    Although we used to have a Superintendent, we now have Floater Superintendents who are in and out. Since this is a “senior’s building” there are emergencies that occur, especially with our very elderly tenants that need to be dealt with immediately. Not being able to contact a Superintendent or not getting through to an emergency number is not an option.

    AMHC expects our tenants to let them know when inside and outside lights go out, etc. That is not our role!

    Kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors are constantly coming off their hinges and need to be repaired. A tenant requested a new bathroom sink since part of the enamel has a big chip out of it. She was told she didn’t need a new one!

    Outside parking areas should be repaired, as there are many potholes.

    Tenants wait weeks to have Work Orders processed and so many of us need work orders the forms run out.

    In the summer the entrance to Ashley Manor was such an eye sore that a tenant was so frustrated she tidied it up herself.

    There are problems with many toilets. One very ill tenant was waiting three months to have her toilet fixed. The water in the toilet tank wouldn’t fill up which meant the lid had to be left off and she and her husband had to fill the tank with water to flush the toilet. Another couple was told not to use their toilet for the weekend!!!!!

    Carpets in elevators are filthy and dust hasn’t been cleaned from fan of elevator for months contributing to problems for tenants with respiratory problems. In fact, a light bulb was changed yesterday in the elevator ceiling and the dust remains! Elevator hand railings and floor number buttons are never cleaned. These are areas where germs congregate! A tenant has started cleaning them!!!

    Casual person vacuums, cleans lobby and hallways first thing
    In morning. She does her best but she is only in our building
    for the most 2 hours in the morning. Snow and dirt is tracked in
    throughout the day. No cleaning done on weekend. Embarrassed for friends to see where we live.

    Our Common Room is outdated, circa 1980’s, the carpet is old and dirty. We were promised new chairs and we are still waiting, although AHMC approved their purchase two or three years ago.

    Ashley Manor was built in 1984, is a 6-storey hi-rise apartment with 77 units, 49 one bedrooms and 28 two bedrooms. Our rent for a two bedroom apartment was increased $28.00 in January 2012 to $951.00 and $24.00 in January 2013 to $975.00.

    There are many other issues that I am sure other tenants will advise you of.

    Ashley Manor is our home and we take great pride in it. I wish Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation would!!!

    February 28, 2013

    Carol Justice

  • 2913 Pickering Beach Road South Ajax, Ontario - Ajax

    Southbound on Pickering Beach Road when it ends at Lakeview Boulevard there is a "Dead End checkerboard" sign. This should be replaced with a "Left Arrow checkerboard" sign like the one for eastbound Lakeview Bouleavard at Shoal Point Road. Drivers think that Pickering Beach Road is a dead end at Lake Ontario when in fact you can turn left to go east on Lakeview Boulevard.

    Citizens can E-mail the Town at and the Mayor at since there is no 3-1-1 service in Ajax.

  • Salem Road And Highway 401 Eastbound Offramp Ajax, Ontario - Ajax

    The pedestrian signal on the southeast corner is twisted in the wrong direction. Also countdown timers should be installed.

    This may be a Durham Region ( ) or even a Ministry of Transportation issue (416-326-1234 but no e-mail address) - I'll assume the former and let Durham know.

  • 401 Ajax Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    highway 401 eastbound near 412 exit has extreme pothole/road damage in the center lane. these will damage cars or cause an accident when cars swerve to avoid them. should be fixed immediately.
  • Highway 401 Westbound Ajax, Ontario - Ajax
    extreme pothole damage westbound 401 near highway 412 exit in ajax. I submitted report #4047821 in error as the damage is on the westbound lanes towards toronto not the eastbound lanes. the damage is in the centre lanes and it will damage cars or cause an accident when cars swerve to avoid them. road is torn up.
  • 18 Buggey Lane Ajax, Ontario - Ajax

    street light in between 18 buggey lane and 16 Buggey lane in Ajax is not working.

    Varinder Joshi
    owner of 18 buggey lane