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  • POT HOLES Archived
    18704 Nottingham Rd Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
  • 939 E 185th St Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    why they took it out unknown but they need a left turn arrow from northbount 185th turning left on Neff Road. This creates a dangerous situation
  • Cleveland Memorial State Hwy Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Goodrich-Kirkland

    The new LED light sign from Cleveland Public power is too bright at night. I literally have to look away when driving or my eyes will ache.

    Someone needs to turn that sucker down before it creates an accident.

  • Interstate 90 & S Waterloo Rd Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Traffic entering I90 East from East 152nd have to wait for a green light. Traffic traveling West on Waterloo has a continuous green light. Reverse the traffic light setting giving East 152nd street traffic a continuous green and West bound Waterloo traffic gets a sensor to change to green when a car approaches. This will save hundreds of gallons of gas per month and reduce pollution from so many idling cars.
  • Dr Martin Luther King Blvd Cleveland, OH 44108, USA - Glenville
    There are 3 consecutive potholes that the crew filling in the exit ramp missed or ignored last week.
  • 2188-2402 Highway 17 Parma, Ohio - Cleveland

    In the right hand lane of Brookpark Road (when you are traveling West), there is a gigantic pothole just by the shopping center. I have hit it multiple times now. On Saturday I was trying to avoid it, but hit it again because a car was next to me and I couldn't change lanes. Got a flat tire and bent the wheel of my car. My tire and wheel warranty company is giving me the runaround and won't replace my wheel either, so I have a permanently unbalanced wheel.

    This pot hole has been there for at least a month, on a very busy road that is 35 mph and poorly lit. I can only imagine how many people have messed up their tires already on this hazard.

  • 18404 E Park Dr Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Need a No Parking sign posted 10feet from the corner. Cars park for Beauty Supply store and block view to East 185th traffic and make it hard to turn South on 185th.
  • 500 E.120th St Cleveland, Ohio - Forest Hills
    multiple large pot holes
  • Mirror needed Archived
    603 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Downtown
    It would be really beneficial to install a mirror on the light pole outside of Nick's bar across from the Residence Inn/Euclid Block Apartment resident garage exit. There are usually cars parked in front of 668, Titan's gym and Vincenza's right on Prospect and the visibility turning left onto Prospect from the exit is next to impossible. I inch my way out cautiously everyday (trying to avoid pedestrians that I am blocking...). A mirror facing east down Prospect would help I think.
  • Highway 237 Cleveland, Ohio - Riverside
    This portion of Rocky River Drive has many pothole and a raised section of pavement. People have to brake and swerve to prevent too much damage to their cars. It's been this way for years. Cold patching lasts for a week at the most. Get it fixed correctly cleveland!!
  • Lakeland Fwy Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Just before mile marker 182.2, there is a large pot hole on the left side of the right center lane
  • 4925 State Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There is a HUGE pothole in the LEFT eastbound turning lane at the I-480 entrance on State Road! Almost all drivers are forced to hit this pothole if they want to get on the freeway coming from Parma.One of the potholes about 2 to 3 feet deep and wide! Please, Please, PLEASE fix ALL the potholes in this turning lane.