Cleveland Traffic Engineering

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  • Cleveland Memorial State Hwy Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Goodrich-Kirkland

    The new LED light sign from Cleveland Public power is too bright at night. I literally have to look away when driving or my eyes will ache.

    Someone needs to turn that sucker down before it creates an accident.

  • Interstate 90 & S Waterloo Rd Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Traffic entering I90 East from East 152nd have to wait for a green light. Traffic traveling West on Waterloo has a continuous green light. Reverse the traffic light setting giving East 152nd street traffic a continuous green and West bound Waterloo traffic gets a sensor to change to green when a car approaches. This will save hundreds of gallons of gas per month and reduce pollution from so many idling cars.
  • Mirror needed Archived
    603 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Downtown
    It would be really beneficial to install a mirror on the light pole outside of Nick's bar across from the Residence Inn/Euclid Block Apartment resident garage exit. There are usually cars parked in front of 668, Titan's gym and Vincenza's right on Prospect and the visibility turning left onto Prospect from the exit is next to impossible. I inch my way out cautiously everyday (trying to avoid pedestrians that I am blocking...). A mirror facing east down Prospect would help I think.
  • 18400 Schenely Ave Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    in early morning and evening, people fly down these streets at top speeds. it is really dangerous, myself and my dogs have nearly been hit multiple times by people speeding on these side streets when its dark with their windshield undefrosted. slow down! there are kids and pedestrians walking!
  • 18404 E Park Dr Cleveland, OH 44119, USA - North Collinwood
    Need a No Parking sign posted 10feet from the corner. Cars park for Beauty Supply store and block view to East 185th traffic and make it hard to turn South on 185th.
  • 5095-5199 Ridge Rd Cleveland, OH 44129, USA - Old Brooklyn
    Ridge Road S (at the 480E & 480W exits) has a new traffic pattern. The traffic lights have been changed with an angled arrow to alert traffic to veer to the left, however the lanes are not marked accordingly! Many near miss accidents!!
  • 14300-14398 Lorain Avenue Cleveland, Ohio - Kamm's Corner
    I feel that this traffic light on Lorain near the post office entrance could be put into flash mode between certain late-night hours. The light forces traffic on Lorain to stop even where no traffic is present in the driveway.
  • 11201-11299 Martin Luther King Jr Dr Cleveland, OH 44104, USA - University District
    The pedestrian/bike path that is on the Baldwin Water Works Hill (North Side) that goes along MLK/Stokes about 50 yds from the RxR bridge has a section of path missing, It is 6 ft section of packed dirt and needs to be re-paved.
  • 3001-3107 Carnegie Ave Cleveland, OH 44115, USA - Central
    30th south bound turning left onto Carnegie, the green arrow to turn left hasn't been running for months which causes a great traffic inconvenience.
  • Waterloo Rd And E 200th St. - North Collinwood
    Please fix this traffic signal. This signal will cycle over and over again late at night before it allows you to make a left turn onto northbound 200th frm eastbound Waterloo Rd. Many people know the signal is malfunctioning so they blow through the red light. It is a dangerous game.
  • 30th And Prospect Cleveland Cleveland, OH - Central
    30th northbound needs a left turn signal at Prospect. Rush hour it is a nightmare to get to 90 east or west. Sometimes sit for 3 lights before able to turn left.
  • West 150th And Coe Cleveland, Ohio - Puritas Longmead
    This is another traffic light in West Park that stops traffic on a main arterial unnecessarily, even in the late night hours. Perhaps it could be put into flash mode?