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  • POT HOLES Archived
    18704 Nottingham Rd Cleveland, OH 44110, USA - South Collinwood
  • Dr Martin Luther King Blvd Cleveland, OH 44108, USA - Glenville
    There are 3 consecutive potholes that the crew filling in the exit ramp missed or ignored last week.
  • Highway 237 Cleveland, Ohio - Riverside
    This portion of Rocky River Drive has many pothole and a raised section of pavement. People have to brake and swerve to prevent too much damage to their cars. It's been this way for years. Cold patching lasts for a week at the most. Get it fixed correctly cleveland!!
  • 4925 State Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There is a HUGE pothole in the LEFT eastbound turning lane at the I-480 entrance on State Road! Almost all drivers are forced to hit this pothole if they want to get on the freeway coming from Parma.One of the potholes about 2 to 3 feet deep and wide! Please, Please, PLEASE fix ALL the potholes in this turning lane.
  • 2188-2402 Highway 17 Parma, Ohio - Cleveland

    In the right hand lane of Brookpark Road (when you are traveling West), there is a gigantic pothole just by the shopping center. I have hit it multiple times now. On Saturday I was trying to avoid it, but hit it again because a car was next to me and I couldn't change lanes. Got a flat tire and bent the wheel of my car. My tire and wheel warranty company is giving me the runaround and won't replace my wheel either, so I have a permanently unbalanced wheel.

    This pot hole has been there for at least a month, on a very busy road that is 35 mph and poorly lit. I can only imagine how many people have messed up their tires already on this hazard.

  • 2715 Brookpark Road Parma, Ohio - Cleveland
    The entire westbound right lane of Brookpark Road from 2715 to Ridge Road is just covered with more potholes than anyone could possibly count! They have been recently filled with silly putty. It's one of the most jacked-up roads in Northeast Ohio! It's like driving across railroad tracks at 35 mph! This will take time.
  • Pothole Archived
    11101 Lake Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - Edgewater
    Eb lane
  • 1970-2104 Scranton Rd Cleveland, OH 44113, USA - Tremont
    Pot holes, cracks,water leaks, flooding after rain. Flooding with no rain too! A genuine urban survival course!
    Lots of fun now in winter since it freezes up!
  • Pothole Archived
    9912 Lake Avenue Cleveland, OH 44102, USA - Edgewater
    Large pothole at intersection. Lake eb.
  • Interstate 90 Cleveland, OH 44114, USA - Downtown

    In the left lane, the pavement has a large bump that cars run over just as they are turning around the curve.

    This bump makes my car unstable, and I have to correct my direction each time I go over it.

    I've seen other cars, including ones with back shocks almost loose control going over this bump in the pavement.

    It's been like this for months.

  • 711 Spring Road Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    There is a bump here in the curb westbound lane that is so high that it could easily damage the undercarriage of a vehicle or blow a tire. Please repair.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    4608 West 11th Street Cleveland, Ohio - Old Brooklyn
    Deep pothole in front of address 4615 West 11th Street.