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  • Sobieski Street Buffalo, New York - Broadway-Fillmore
    The population on that street keeps increasing by the year.There is a mosque on that street as well which is in use 5 times a day. That street is in real bad shape. It needs to be fixed. A new pothole occurs every now and then.
  • Grenway Alley Buffalo, NY - Grant Ferry

    Have reported this Alley for over 5 years and the condition just gets worse. Ashland, Breckenridge and Auburn get paved and the Alley neglected. Been here since l990 and sometimes the Alley never even gets plowed. This is our tax dollars at work.
    Trips to City hall and 311 don't cut the mustard. Saving the rats as a gift for the Common Council.

    YAHOO! Grenway Alley has been plowed for the second time since 1990. Now to work on the potholes, rats, garbage, graffiti, etc. Another trip to City Hall is in order.

  • Pothole Archived
    1542-1700 State Highway 384 Buffalo, NY 14209, USA - Albright
    Pothole in southbound lane (left lane) Please fix.
  • Where The Stairs Exist Between The Nfta Park And Ride Lot And Shoshone Park - Starin Central
    There is a set of stairs that let people pass between the park and ride lot and Shoshone park. This would be a perfect spot for a bike ramp to bridge the connection from the linear park in the University Heights to Shoeshone park space and Hertel avenue.
  • Scajaquada Expy Buffalo, NY 14208, USA - Hamlin Park
    Westbound 198 approaching Kensington/Main viaduct, downed streetlight pole on curb. Been laying there for months.
  • repaving Archived
    525 Hopkins St Buffalo, NY - Tifft
    whole street needs melting down and repaving. too many potholes filled too many times.
  • East Utica Street Buffalo/ ERIE, NY - Kingsley
    Broken , cracked, or no sidewalks at all. This is of great concern. Often must walk in the streets. East Utica from , 29 up to Fillmore. Michigan Ave from Main to High Street
  • 614 West Ferry St Buffalo, NY, 14222 - Grant Ferry
    Street light in front of 614 West Ferry St. is out. it is in the middle of the block and leaves a large area unlight an dangerous.
  • 926 Sycamore St Buffalo, NY 14212, USA - Broadway-Fillmore
    It gets very dark and dangerous because the light doesn't stay lit for too long. It turns on and off with very short intervals. Please fix it.
  • 253 Allen St Buffalo, New York - Allentown
    light pole knocked over a few months ago. still missing
  • 155 Oxford Ave Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    Black male selling drugs and cigarettes at this address
    Disturbing neighbors, lots of traffic and people in front of house all day long.
    Please check for criminal record
    Others have complained regarding this issue
  • Scajaquada Expy Buffalo, NY 14216, USA - Park Meadow
    Huge patch of deep potholes while going around a bend. This is causing cars to be jerked all over & will eventually cause an accident with the guard rail or another car in the next lane.