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  • 5106-5126 Ridge Rd Brooklyn, OH, 44129, USA - Brooklyn
    There are no lines heading south on ridge under 480. There is chaos with two lanes of traffic going through the area, half following the lane shift sign, half not seeing it and unable to follow the painted lanes. The lanes need repainted as there is a lot of time between now and construction returning in spring.
  • 4587 Roadoan Rd Brooklyn, OH, 44144, USA - Brooklyn
    The toilet and garbage have been on the lawn since Wednesday 10/12/22
  • 4730 Elizabeth Ln Brooklyn, OH, 44144, USA - Brooklyn
    Rubbish did not get picked up at 4811 Elizabeth Ln today. Can I bring bags of garbage to the Brooklyn Service Center?
  • Potholes Archived
    4772-4780 Tiedeman Road Brooklyn, Ohio - Brooklyn
    Please patch the deep potholes were the concrete has separated in all lanes of the bridge over 480. Thanks.
  • 8615 Ansonia Ave Brooklyn, OH, 44144, USA - Brooklyn
    Resident has left his garbage and recycling containers in front yard for three weeks. Have not moved, not even for collection day. Visible from sidewalk. Please inform resident to place containers in their backyard.
  • Northcliff Ave Brooklyn, OH, 44144, USA - Brooklyn
    Side street has not seen a plow
  • 5160 Ridge Rd Brooklyn, OH, 44129, USA - Brooklyn
    Giant bump at ridge and brookpark backs up traffic onto 480 during busy times. Been a problem for years. Shamefully it doesn’t seem to be in the plans to fix along with the construction of the area that was done last year.
  • 4088 Apple Creek Dr Cleveland, Ohio, 44144 - Brooklyn
    Not a hole but the street needs new pavement again. Too many cracks.
  • Brookpark Rd Parma, OH, 44129, USA - Brooklyn
    Hello - I work with the GCRTA in the Safety department and a few Operators on the 54 bus route have reported major pot holes in both directions on Brookpark. I drove out there myself and noticed the heaviest pot holes are westbound on Brookpark between Broadview and W.130. I am recommending these potholes get checked out or looked into for repair. Thank you! Feel free to email with any questions or additional detail.