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  • 2225 Cooper Foster Park Rd Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    Cooper Foster Park Rd between Baumhart and Claus - Must be fixed before these holes damage more cars or cause an accident
  • 212 Essex Rd Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
  • Hollyview Dr Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    The sidewalk on the North side of Hollyview Drive was broken up by Vermilion city workers. It was done in the summertime. Still, no one has been to replace the sidewalk. It is all gravel and dangerous for people walking. why has it been ignored after several complaints to the city????
  • 5409-5507 Sailorway Dr Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    big holes in the roadway,by the football field and in front of the highschool before you get to sanford st.
  • 4620-4698 Grand Army Of The Republic Highway Vermilion, Ohio - Vermilion
    The stop light was removed in November 2012 and 7 months later is still gone. It is impossible to turn left off of S Shore Ct during the busy times of day, and if someone is walking they don't have a chance to cross without a stop light.
  • 5301-5349 Sailorway Dr Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    enough to blow a tire!!!!!!
  • 207 Overlook Dr Vermilion, OH - Vermilion
    Potholes in all of the street.
  • 1042 West River Road Vermilion, OH - Vermilion

    1042 West River Road, Vermilion

    Owned by Vermilion City Finance Director - Tall weeds, garbage at back yard, flatbed trailer with expired license plates blocking turnaround area to adjoining driveway.

  • 900 Sunnyside Rd Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    There are now big potholes in several places along Sunnyside Road, between Liberty Avenue and North Ridge Road. Some of them are very deep, and could damage cars, or cause an accident. They are hard to see at night, especially if filled with water/snow. Putting gravel in the holes does not constitute a real "FIX."
    Another issue on this road is the stop sign just north of the tracks. It is a hazard to human lives. Traffic going northbound could get stuck behind a vehicle in front of them, (who is stopped at the sign,) and get RUN OVER by a train. It is a really dangerous spot to have a stop sign! I have nearly had the bars coming down on my vehicle because the vehicle in front of me was stopped at the sign, and I could barely get off the tracks in time.! The sign needs to be moved to the other incoming road, where it would not hinder traffic from getting away from those tracks.
    And what if the vehicle in front of me had stalled? Or just wasn't paying attention? Lives could be lost here, if this is not changed.
  • 4600-4776 Idleview Dr Vermilion, OH 44089, USA - Vermilion
    infront of my house there are huge pot holes enough to blow out tires, ruin struts on cars and god only knows what else. All these roads need fixed ASAP! The city of Vermilion better start taking out tax dollars and fixing the stuff that we use every day instead of waiting it on a bunch of BS. It's nice to know that our tax dollars are going to waiste on who knows what.
  • 1221 Sanford St VERMILION, OH - Vermilion
    Huge potholes all the way down sanford st. before the high school in need of attention. Loose rocks flying into neighbors yards