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Charlotte Park Neighborhood Association - Wallace & Janice Lampley

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  • 5822 Robertson Ave Nashville, TN 37209, USA - Charlotte Park

    UPDATE 4.14.11: Work is currently being done. It is slowly being done, but I'm happy to see progress!

    The house at 5822 Robertson Ave is vacant and in a total state of disrepair. It is completely uninhabitable and in the 3 years I have lived in this neighborhood, it hasn't been touched. I have looked on Metro's Codes website and see that it is flagged as "do not resolve 9.27.10" and "downgraded to code repair 10.8.10", but there is no evidence of any repairs taking place. It is a real eyesore and I would love to see something done about this property, sooner rather than later. If indeed repairs are pending, I would be extremely happy to see some progress. But I'm afraid I may live here another 3 years without seeing any improvement. Any help or thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

  • 641 Vernon Av nashville tenn, TN - Charlotte Park
    on my first report it says kingston springs thats wrong..west nash.its on vernon av
  • James Ave Nashville, TN - Charlotte Park
    There needs to be speed bumps or something to slow people down on James Avenue. It is a residential street and people drive down it way too fast. People use James a pass-through off of Briley Parkway and then into town...and they need to SLOW down. As someone who lives on that road...and likes to take is NOT safe when people drive by as fast as they do.
  • Briley Pkwy Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance), TN - Charlotte Park
    An uppper section of the faux stone veneer has fallen off of the retaining/sound barrier wall that Bell Construction built as a part of the first phase of the Briley Parkway improvements/flyover ramp to I-40 eastbound. The veneer fell off within a year of the project's completion. While Bell is now working on the 2nd phase ramps to I-40 westbound, they need to send a crew over there to make that repair. This repair should not be charged to the taxpayers of Davidson County!! Falls under faulty workmanship (I have no ax to grind with Bell. I think they are a very capable outfit - they turned that project over a couple of months ahead of schedule - and got a huge bonus. :) Thanks
  • 641 Vernon Av nashville tenn, TN - Charlotte Park
    Very dangerous rd..we have truck after truck comming down this rd. with the 2 companys at the end of vernon...we have all kind of truck traffic mixed with speeding cars we are going to have a bad accident out here. and is there a law for mulch haulers to keep it covered? we have mulch all up and down the rd.speeders...speeders