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  • 17401-17477 Dona Michelle Dr Tampa, FL 33647, USA - West Meadows
    This Traffic Light at Dona Michelle and Bruce B. Downs takes ENTIRELY WAYYYY too long!!! While the busy traffic on Bruce B Downs gets about 5-10 minutes for their green light, the Traffic Light at Dona Michelle and Bruce B Downs literally only gets 4-5 seconds- and I repeat myself, LITERALLY! When I said 4-5 seconds , I am not exaggerating for effect- this is the actual amount of time each traffic light gets! It is a serious problem that needs to be taken care of right now, NOT LATER! Traffic builds up on Dona Michelle because of it and it takes the vehicles at end of the line almost 20-25 minutes to get to Bruce B downs at one single traffic light- RIDICULOUS! I expect this to be taken care of very soon. Thank you.
  • Fl Ave & Mohawk Shelter - Seminol Heights

    3rd Request • Graffiti on shelter bench next to ad for Grand Prix

    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_6918;
    stop_name=Florida Ave @ Mohawk Ave;

  • Britton Plaza Tampa, FL - Fairoaks
    When this operator left Britton Plaza this morning she took her sweet time driving and didn't follow her schedule. She was talking to a patron on the bus and driving very slow. When she arrived down town she drove around 3 times in a circle for about 5 minutes which has now caused me to be late for my doctors appointment. We were suppose to arrive at Marion Transit Center at 7:45am and didn't get there until after 7:57am. I pay to use HART's busses and it is very poor service and I will not be using the busses anymore. I would like for someone to look at the video to see how the operator was acting.
  • 2714 N Essex Court Tampa Fl - Riverside Heights
    This truck is parked here now all the time. The truck does not even belong to the occupant of the house, but to a friend who is in construction. The truck is gone during the day, but is parked here at nite, and on weekends. It is an eyesore, and is illegal and in code violation to be parked here. Please have this homeowner cited. The occupant of the house is actually a renter.
  • Elcoe Drive (Wellswood) Tampa, Florida - Wellswood
    Can some PLEASE look at the surfacing of our street in Wellswood (Elcoe Drive). I know we're not south in Tampa but we do pay taxes. Twenty plus years I've been on this street and it has always been in poor condition. While recovering from surgery recently, I turned my ankle in a 2" drop while walking. Five years ago we asked and we were told it would have to be graded and resurfaced--so, do it!
  • East Columbus Drive Tampa FL - Ybor City
    The light at the bus stop is out and there is homeless people gathered at the bus stop.it is 400 bus on nebraska ave south bound
  • East Chelesa Street tampa, FL - East Tampa
    loud music being played in cars driving by in the cars disturbing the piece all hours of the night need to be stop
  • 3108 North Boundary Boulevard Tampa, FL - Interbay
    I hate having to complain, but this ongoing situation is causing me issues at work and I just have to say something. Every day of the week, the 360 is always on time leaving the Air Force Base and I make it on time to my connection to get to work on time. But every Friday, nearly for a month now, this same operator always leaves the base late 5 and 10 minutes late, and I always miss my connection, and it makes me late for work. I would take an earlier bus, but I don't have that option so I don't know what else to do to fix this. Please ask this operator to be on time like the rest of his co-workers.
  • 6318 North 22nd Street Tampa, FL - Old Seminol Heights
    I am a HARTPlus patron and on Wednesday, 3/7/18, I had a pick up at 9:15pm from my church. When I got in the van it had a foul smell in it. Like a sex smell, I became very aware of the operator and noticed that he didn't have his right hand on the steering wheel, it was in his lap. I became frightened, threatened, violated and in fear. I do not want this operator to pick me up again. If he does come to my house I will not get in the van.
  • 5500 N Florida Ave Tampa, Florida - Seminol Heights

    4/23 new graffiti #6918 shelter bench .
    ×street= Mohawk & Florida Avenue.

    Sorry to report that it's back.
    Yes , I noticed last week that finally the graffiti previously reported early March and bi-weeklyi thereafter had finally been dealt with. Graffiti--free for just a few short days.

  • North 14th Street Tampa, FL - North Tampa
    Caller described bus stops in both directions for Route 42, located at Linebaugh Ave. and 14th St, that do not appear on OneBusAway, but the caller insisted that he was looking at them and they had the ID's of 8007 and 8008. I called Dispatcher Jeff to attempt to confirm the existence of these stops but we were unable to determine for certain.
  • East Cass Street Tampa, FL - Downtown
    There is no covering or seating at the Bus Stop on Tampa St. and Cass St. People with medical issues have to stand in the hot sun, I was there for 20 min and leaning on a cane.