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  • Tampa FL, USA - Downtown
    I saw on TV that the Mayor of Tampa got on the bus with a dog not on a leash, but when I tried to board the bus with my husband we were told we couldn't board the bus unless my dog was on a leash or in a cage. I recently visited my brother in Seattle and they allow dogs on their buses as long as they are well behaved, I would like to ask that dogs be allowed on the buses, even a small dog, would be a step in that direction.
  • 1012 N Boulevard Tampa, FL, 33606, USA - West Riverfront

    Greetings all

    This is morning my heart to pick up is between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM. I called heart at 7:06 and asked the lady how far out my ride is she said they’ll be to me in a few minutes in I am at the first pick up. 7:20 iamb still outside waiting for my heart plus and I told them I need to be to work at 8:30 AM and they are still not here. DEE FROM heart plus called meAt 7:26 and asked me if I were able to catch a cab from downtown to Bruce B downs but YELlOW CAB and I told her it will cost me about $50 which I don’t have. So he put me on hold and told Dispatch/ and he said they are going to send a heart plus to me. And she explained that I was on the schedule to be picked up today but it was not showing up on the drivers manifest. I told DEE that I have to be to work at 8:30 AM. So I am still waiting and I will be late for work. So hard to pass picked me up at7:41. And I got to work at 810. I was 10 minutes late signing in and it does not look good.

    This morning at the VA as I was coming down the hall there was somebody around the corner with their dog barking and trying to launch at my dog. And the guy I did not have control over his dog. They told me that his dog is not a service dog. Because they said they know a service dog is not supposed to be barking and lunging at other dogs. So I know he did not have control over his dog. Or I had to wrap Frisco leash around one hand put the harness with my left hand and put Frisco between me and the wall so that dog does not attack Frisco.


  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    I live at stop #4571. This is my 4th time calling and complaining about the trash that is thrown in my yard, due to the fact that HART took the garbage can away from the bus stop. Since then HART has taken the bench away and now I have the people waiting on my porch for the bus. You need to move to the bus stop down by the warehouse and put the bench there. I really would like to talk to someone about this. This 4th time complaining. The people waiting for the bus are sitting on my porch going thru my mail and taking my mail. This goes on all throughout the day.
  • 1212 East 26th Avenue Tampa, FL - Ybor City
    At least 3 large dogs, and maybe others, with painful medical conditions going untreated. Likely not vaccinated or licensed. Owner is hoarder.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    At Location Id 4571 Hart has removed the bench and trash can from the bus stop. Now the people that wait for the bus are sitting on my porch and the steps that are in front of my house. They are also leaving their garbage on my property. My house is directly across the street from Location Id 4571.
    Please look into this problem. Either replace the trash and bench or remove the stop and place it further down.
    Could someone please contact me @ 813-248-9454 resolving this issue. If I do not answer PLEASE leave a voicemail with a contact number and I will call you back.
  • Tampa FL - Downtown
    Another person on the bus made derogatory comments about how long it was taking us to board the bus with our guide dogs. She said she was going to file a complaint. The driver explained to her that guide dogs were allowed on the bus and he was very respectful. I wanted to compliment him on his kindness and patience.
  • 2707 W Cass St Tampa, FL, 33609, USA - Oakford Park
    The above shelter smells like people have been peeing on the seat.