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Long Island City LIC and Hunter's Point

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  • South RI park Archived
    43-82 Vernon Blvd Queens, NY 11101, USA - NYC District 5

    What is supposed to be gardens and something to enjoy has become all weeds and ugly.

    IDEA: let's let some of the freen-thumbed islanders try their hands at planting their individual gardens!

  • 47-34 Vernon Blvd Long Island city , NY - Sunny Side
    So since we have gotten the new landlord we never have heat or if it comes on it's because it's 20 degrees out and stays on for like a half hour. The landlord lets the heating oil run out constantly. There are roaches all over the basement dead. The hallway is never cleaned and he has now put the recycling garbage cans in the hallway when you walk in the door. Which is a fire hazard and unsanitary. The old landlord never let the heat fall ever and we never ran out of hot water. Now Mr L is buying up every apartment building on the block. Cause we are rent stabilized he is trying to make people leave by neglecting the buildings. Scumbag landlord alert. Thank god I'm moving.
  • 44-27 Purves St Queens, NY 11101, USA - Sunny Side
    Streetlight in front of apartment building is broken. Street is very dark and dangerous as a result.
  • 50-02 Vernon Blvd Queens, NY - Sunny Side
    There is an issue with the traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalk signals at the intersection of Vernon Blvd and 50th Avenue. The root cause appears to be some strange timing on the signals, which often result in red lights shown to all directions of traffic for prolonged periods of time (1 minute or more). There is also often too long of a green light for traffic traveling along Vernon Blvd, causing cars and trucks to back up into the intersection and blocking crosswalks and cars travelling on 50th Ave. The issue is most apparent during the morning rush hour as people hurry to make it to the train station. When all of the signals are stuck on red and 'don't walk', pedestrians get impatient waiting for the walk signal and get caught in the middle of the street just as it turns green.
  • 11-30 45th Road Queens, NY 11101, USA - Sunny Side
    I live in a three apartment building in Long Island City, an area that is now commanding a higher rent and the temperature NEVER reaches 68 degrees during the day and teeters around 55 at night. When it's 20 degrees out, that's pretty foul. The other day he turned the radiator to my room on and I thought it was a dumb mistake on my part but it's ALWAYS COLD in here. I realize that people on this site have worse issues, and I'm sorry to insult you, but when you pay someone 30 grand plus a year for an apartment with slanty floors and walls that crumble if you look at them funny, you expect heat.
  • 10 54 46th Road Long Island CIty, New York - Sunny Side
    Homeless camp forming two doors down from my grandmas house she wanted me to report this issue to the city.
  • 50th Avenue And 11th St Queens, NY, New York, NY - Sunny Side
    MTA Bridge and Tunnel workers park their private vehicles on the sidewalk, 24/7/365. Calls to 311 have no effect.
  • 21st Street Archived
    11-0-11-40 47th Rd Long Island City, NY 11101, USA - Sunny Side
    Do you use this station regularly? What would you like to see changed? What is your vision for a positive urban future here? Post a comment on this issue, and join the conversation — http://subseries.org/archives/category/21st-street
  • 42-09 28th St Long Island City, NY 11101, USA - Astoria-Long Island City
    racons next to parking lot
  • 28-10 Queens Plaza S Long Island City, NY 11101, USA - Sunny Side
  • 24th St & 43rd Ave Long Island City, New York - Sunny Side
    When it rains, the SE corner of this intersection floods.