Bolivar Heights

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Bolivar Heights, Whalley, North Surrey

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  • 13230 113b Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 2K8, Canada - Surrey
    How many times do u have to post before some one will deal with this dog
  • 13217-13291 113b Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 2K8, Canada - Surrey
    They came and worked on every other working pole and did not even fix the one they needed to fix like the house beside it where just broke in to they stole all there stuff due to you can't see a dam thing
  • 13903-13997 115a Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 9Y4, Canada - Surrey
    The new tenants moved in with some chicken( at least 4) and made a henhouse for them on the lawn in back yard. That look so messy. Is that allowed to raise chicken in their only 6000-7000 square feet? Address is 13941 115A Ave.
  • 13217-13291 113b Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 2K8, Canada - Surrey
    I have a lot of punks that go up and down this street all night I have had a few thing go missing now the light will not stay on more then 10 min at a time then is out for 20 min or so dose this all night long it's the only one on the street so when it's out its black
  • 11354 132 Street Surrey, BC V3R 2Y5, Canada - Surrey
    They have a dog that barks around the clock they do nothing they will not fix the fence that has big holes in it I can't even let my 3 year old play in the yard thinking this dog may hurt her
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    13879 115 Avenue Surrey, BC V3R 5Y3, Canada - Surrey
    My organics bin was broken when it was emptied. I need a replacement as it is cracked on the side and is leaking waste. container number 154391
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    11515-11527 140 Street Surrey, BC V3R 3G8, Canada - Surrey
    Smart beginnings daycare on 10090-140 ave. has a large sign on their yard. I was told to take my business sign down and get the appropriate size with a permit . I feel this business needs to so the same ... Why is there so many home business in Surry that have inappropriate signs and they r left on . Thanks in advance for taking care of this problem .
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    13976 Douglas Road Surrey, BC V3R 5C7, Canada - Surrey
    Hi this big tree is blocking the stop sign and can cause a big car accident
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    14313 Park Drive Surrey, BC V3R 5P1, Canada - Surrey
    pedestrian access from park dr to kindersly dr on coventry rd is full of bushes which needs immediate clearing. it is a safety issue for my dad as he needs to access bus stop on kindersly dr but has to walk long way. ..pls can you get the needful done.....thanks
  • 10919 142 Street Surrey, BC V3R 1X9, Canada - Surrey
    Dog barking since Thursday may 16 2013 all day long house that has dog is on 141A st
  • 11022-11046 136 Street Surrey, BC V3R 3B2, Canada - Surrey
    Residents of 102 - 11030 136 st are always having parties all night outside on the front lawn outside their apartment. Right now there are bout 7 Filipinos outside having a ridiculously loud argument as the karaoke inside blares. This is normal....I work at 6am and this is starting to drive me insane as its not even a weekend.....
  • Dumping Open
    112 Ave And 113st - Surrey
    One again someone has someone their garbage this street needs lighting it may help