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  • 650 Rhode Island Ave. Nw Washington, DC - Shaw
    The westbound bike lane on R St. does not continue through the intersection at Rhode Island Ave. (as it does at other dangerous intersections like Connecticut and R). Painting the bike lane through the intersection would improve safety for both drivers and cyclists as it would indicate where each vehicle is obligated to drive. This improvement has been made elsewhere in the city and it makes a huge difference for separating bicycles and cars in dangerous intersections. Thank you!
  • North Capital At T St Washington, DC - Bloomingdale
    I walked two blocks to my bus stop (80 bus at North Capital and T St NW/NE) this morning. I had to walk through 2 feet of snow and walk in the street to get around 5 foot snow drifts (from the plows, presumably) just to get there. For the second time this winter, after a heavy snow I had to stand in the middle of the street to wait for the bus. There were 4 of us waiting in the street. An old man actually walked in front of the bus while it was pulling up - luckily the bus driver saw him - but there was no margin of error, and it was pure luck that no one got hurt. Why isn't it standard practice to plow the sidewalks and crosswalks of major streets (like North Capital, Rhode Island, etc.) after a snow storm? After I got off the bus at North Capital and H St, I had to walk literally 20 feet into the road to get around the snow drift the street the plows created. I feel so marginalized as a pedestrian and bus rider, and the grumblings I heard on the bus tell me I'm not alone.
  • 1600 1632 U.S. 1 Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Cars regularly exceed the speed limit on the whole stretch of 6th between Rhode Island and NY Ave.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1301-1399 5th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    1309 5th st NW. Speed hump extend into bike lane. This is a real hazard after dark as the street is not light. There are two such humps in this block.
  • 131-199 R St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    Pedestrians cross Florida Avenue NW at R with only use of a crosswalk. There is no light or stop sign for the Florida Ave traffic. I often feel unsafe crossing the street because traffic on Florida is so heavy and coming at a quick pace. I think additional traffic safety devices would help tremendously. There is a DPR park on that corner, so kids cross the street often. Additionally, people walk their dogs in the grassy park across the street.
  • 511 O Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw

    This abandoned house is falling apart. There is trash including a mattress in the front entryway. Drivers have been spotted stopping there to urinate in the basement entrance. The yard is overgrown. The boards are coming away from the windows. It looks accessible to vagrants and to people looking to stash things that shouldn't be stashed (e.g. drugs, weapons). In short, this beautiful old edifice has become a public hazard and public nuisance.

    Is there a plan to hold the owner accountable for making this property habitable and safe? Is there something we here in the neighborhood can do to help?

  • 100-198 Florida Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    This heavily used intersection is dangerous. Cars drive fast and don't stop for the significant number of pedestrians crossing the crosswalk.
  • 401 Rhode Island Ive. Nw Washington, DC - Ledroit Park
    There is no cross walk on the north side of Rhode Island Ave on Florida Ave. making this an extremely dangerous location to cross while walking to the Shaw Metro Stop or riding the G8 bus toward Farragut Metro as most of us do in the mornings. I have seen many close calls at this crossing location.
  • Warner St Nw Washington, DC - Shaw
    DCPD took 25 minute to arrive on the scene of a crime in progress. As a result, the criminal escaped.
  • 1 P Street Northwest Washington, DC - Shaw
    Reporting one (of two) extremely dilapidated buildings on my block on the unit block of P st street NW (in between 49 P street and North Capitol). One of the buildings seems to house in a small portion of it a nonprofit (that i believe offers pre-school and after school care). I know there have been efforts to spruce up a playground in between the buildings, but the buildings themselves are in severe disrepair. There is constantly litter in front of them, the exterior of the building does not appear to have been washed or painted in a very long time, and there are shattered and boarded windows. The second building is even worse. I am not sure there is a single functional window in the entire building... most are boarded, or just shattered and open to the environment. These two buildings are an eye-sore in a community of people working hard to maintain their homes, their sidewalks, and their neighborhood more broadly. They attract litter (last i walked pass, i saw numerous empty beer cans, a dirty diaper, empty food bags, etc...), loiterers, and criminal activity (stolen mail packages have been found there empty of the contents). Beyond the aesthetics, I am extremely concerned about the public health implications of two old, seemingly abandoned and certainly unkempt buildings in such close proximity to my home. I am concerned that these buildings could be a breeding-ground for vermin or birds who carry diseases, that there could be mold or standing water, and that these buildings, if not current, could put us at greater risk for fires. To the best of my knowledge, these are both public buildings, and as such I assume the responsibility of the DC government to upkeep.
  • 1640 7th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw
    There have been sandbags surrounding metro grates on the median of rhode island avenue at seventh street and on the sidewalk around the Watha T Daniel Library at 7 and R St Nw since hurricane sandy. These bags are old and breaking open and needed to be removed months ago.
  • 45 Bates Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Large items and trash have been left uncollected for over a month. Trash workers will not collect garbage and it is currently causing a public safety/health concern in addition to blocking vehicle traffic in alley