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  • 1-99 G St Ne Washington, DC 20212, USA - Capitol Hill

    There is a crosswalk here (actually, 3, as it's an intersection), and it is HEAVILY used by commuters coming and going from Union Station. Often, drivers don't stop, or do but then drive quickly through crosswalks regardless of whether there is someone in there.

    There either needs to be a stoplight there, or there need to be BIG "Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians" signs.

  • Columbus Monument Dr Nw Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    There is no safe passage for cyclists coming from Capital Hill to the new bike station at Union Station. Need segregated lanes passing to the station: traffic here is extremely dangerous and congested.
  • Bicycles Archived
    750 1st St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Cars, delivery trucks, etc. don't respect this section of the bike lane on 1st St NE. There needs to be better enforcement of the bike lane such as police giving tickets. I bike along this stretch of 1st St everyday and it extremely dangerous for cyclists yet I've never seen a police presence here ticketing the many drivers who take regularly park and drive in his bike lane.
  • Snow/Ice Removal Acknowledged
    Union Station Washington D.C., DC - Capitol Hill
    I don't know who has responsibility for it, but why is the snow and ice never cleared from the sidewalks at Union Station? Every time it snows or sleets, the walkways/sidewalks from the front of Union Station all along and in front Columbus remain untreated. The walkways are dangerous and someone needs to be held responsible for cleaning/clearing them. It is ridiculous that a major transportation hub appears to have no plan for clearing.
  • 700 2nd St Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    A new crosswalk is needed at the northern part of the intersection of 2nd and G Streets NE. A crosswalk exists on the southern part but it is not enough. People walking west to Union Station use the southern crosswalk but most people going west to Kaiser Permanente don't use it as they must then first go south before walking north to the KP entrance.
  • Columbus Circle Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill

    When exiting the Union Station Metro to eventually cross to the Capitol/Senate buildings, there is no explicit crosswalk, requiring pedestrians to "share" the road with traffic under a "Yield to Pedestrian" sign at the west end of the inner union station circle. There are now movable fences obstructing the crossing, causing pedestrians to walk further in the road. A permanent painted crosswalk should be installed, along with the Yield to Pedestrian sign and obstructions removed.

    As it stands, there are very few crosswalks to the Columbus Circle plaza. Using the current painted crosswalks takes pedestrians going to 1st street far out of the way.

  • Columbus Monument Dr Ne Washington, DC 20544, USA - Capitol Hill

    The crossing lights are incorrectly timed to ensure that a pedestrian walking from Union Station to the Capitol will be forced to wait for two full light cycles (once for the inner west-bound lane, once for east-bound) unless they jaywalk, which is frequent when people reach the island and have 2-4 seconds left to cross.

    Synchronizing the crossing signals would significantly reduce traffic delays due to jaywalkers

  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    207-209 F St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Bike lanes on F and G St. NE between 2nd & 4th have been torn up for utility repair over the last few weeks and have not been put back together. Currently impassable for cyclists, please repair ASAP.
  • 610 5th St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    700-706 3rd St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Bricks missing, bricks heaving
  • 200 G St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    This intersection was replaced several weeks ago and the crosswalk has not been repainted. The intersection is very busy with commuter traffic in the AM and PM, and I have been nearly run over with my 2 yo by impatient drivers who can't see there is a crosswalk. This is an immediate safety issue - please repair ASAP.
  • Dead Tree Acknowledged
    710 3rd St Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    Dead Tree, big branches falling down