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  • 320 Murdock Avenue Meriden, CT - Meriden
    There have been reports of Animals not being properly cared for by the Meriden ACO's. The complaints are Abuse, neglect and starvation. Please look into this.
  • 50 West Main St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Police Officers need reality check who they work for. Is it too much to ask that they serve and protect like they should? Situation is getting outta hand.
  • 431-519 Preston Ave Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    Baldwin and Preston Avenue from East Main Street to Bee Street looks and drives like the Gaza Strip after a bombing. Lived here over 20 years and road has never had any major repairs or paving -- just quick fixes. Tired of having my car repaired due to vibration and pot holes. Let's all start sending bills to Town Hall.
  • Mirror Dr Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Park if filtyhy. Garbage bins constantyl overflowwing with garbage ending up in the lake. Expired ducks are often found hidden by the fence of the play area for kids. Lake looks sick shade of neaon toxic green every summer. Please fix, this is the only thing that this town has going for it.
  • 53-111 Twiss St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    There is a brook/stream that runs from what I'm told from Harbor Brook to Broad Street. The stream is basically underground. By Twiss street it is in open air. Two PLUS years ago we reported to the city that Bicycles/.Lawn Chairs etc were preventing the FLOW of water. They replied they are too busy with emergencies to come out. Repeated calls had one person show up (two years ago) and he stated he has been sitting behind his desk for six months. I used my truck, Chain, Muscle and whatever and cleaned out the stream as far as I could. This stream backup causes house basements and Road to flood during heavy rain All the time. Because of this the road has deterioated under the pavement thereby providing no support. This pavement issue was also relayed to the city. This will cause another emergency
  • 50 West Main Street Meriden, CT - Meriden
    I dont know if this is the proper place to report this but I'm sure some people on here have an opinion on this. I also know the city manager reads this and he wasnt available to comment for the paper but maybe when he has some time after the storm subsides he can explain to us why this is needed. As for now I see this as a major problem for the city and its residents. Why in the midst of this federal investigation would the city feel the need to try and keep its residents in the dark. There is a code the police can use to let another officer or dispatch know they need to go off the radio 11-58 - Radio Monitored Use Phone. Not to mention the paper said the whole thing is going to cost 2 million dollars. How does any of this make sense? I'd like to hear a good reason this action.
  • Meadow St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Took my little baby girl to the park for a nice stroll next to the hanover pond but thats filthy with garbage lining it and bouncing in the water. Avoiding bird, dog and possibly human mines we made our way to the play area only to find hypodermic needles under the jungle gym. I mean c'mon you must be kidding me, now families living in Meriden are restricted to their backyards if they want to relax and enjoy a good day, god forbid you venture into any city park.
    Either take care of the parks, or just completely neglect them and save taxpayer grief and money.
  • 27 Randolph Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Gunfire at a Randolph Ave. home twice in one week. Street brawl between 2 gangs with men and women participants. A lot of activity!
  • Bradley Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    We had from West Main St. to Winthrop Ter. paved last year. Now we need the rest of it paved all the way up to Hanover. The cracks, ruts, and potholes keep getting bigger, wider, & deeper. When will we see this road finally finished????
  • 16 Forest Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Why didn't the City of Meriden help the elderly couple at the corner of Prospect and Forest by taking the downed tree stump (uprooted) off the property while they did the fallen tree cleanup. These people are longtime taxpayers and that fallen tree stump that the wind uprooted could have been removed while all the trucks, machinery and man power were clearing out the tree across the roadway. It would have been a nice curteousy for these lifelong tax payers. Shame on the City of Meriden. The machines and manpower were there yet they show no respect for this elderly couple. How much longer would it have taken to help these people out?
  • 440 Swain Avenue -Meriden CT. 06450 - Meriden
    Large/deep pothole in front of 440 Swain Avenue. Danger to traffic as well as walkers.
  • Lewis Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    The signal light on Lewis Ave. at the Mall entrance and heading south is RED far longer than the signals at the other three lights. Also, when that same signal is green, and one is turning left to head to the hospital traffic in the straight lane heading north is also green while traffic heading into the mall is stopped. Looks like an accident waiting to happen because it is difficult to see the oncoming traffic when turning left.