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  • 90-96 Parkside Ave Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    There have been numerous reports over the years by the street's residents to both the BPD and to Town Hall regarding the excessive speeds and erratic driving down Staten and Parkside. We see other streets in the Flaherty neighborhood have speed bumps installed and would like to request that at least two sets are installed on our road, in addition to reducing the speed limit 25 miles per hour. The excessive speeds are throughout the day and evening, heightened in the morning and afternoon commutes, endangering the children walking to/from Flaherty, as well as the residents walking their pets. We would hate to have a serious injury occur to either a child or pet to have this issue addressed. Please handle ASAP!
  • 187 Pearl St Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    Yet another accident at the intersection of Ivory and Pearl over the weekend. How many more will it take before something is done? Do we have to have a fatality before someone in authority takes this seriously?
  • 267 Quincy Ave Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree

    The exterior condition of The Red Apple is deplorable. Something
    needs to be done, it is an embarrassment to the neighborhood and town.

    I have the displeasure of having to see it everyday as it is on my street.

    Please enforce a blight ordinance as it is negatively impacting property values in the neighborhood.

  • Hillside Rd & Union St Braintree, MA, 02184, USA - Braintree
    Yesterday, a student crossing from Hillside Rd to Union St, to catch the 7am bus at Alexander Street, got hit by a car. This is the 2nd such accident that I know of at this same location involving students who have to catch the 7am bus. The last incident I recall, occurred a few years back.
    This morning, I noticed at Thayer Academy (Washington and Hobart St) that the crosswalk over there has a button that can be pressed, and then yellow flashing lights on both sides of the street (Washington) alert drivers. We desperately need that here on Union St since there is no crossing guard that early in the morning. I do not think a crossing guard would help in this location. But there is normally one there for the middle schoolers going up to East, which is great!
    Since that part of union street is hilly, cars are often going at fast rates of speed, downhill, toward weymouth landing and fast rates going uphill toward middle street and the rotary, to get into Boston for work. Additionally, at that time of day and that location there is also a very strong sun glare! Please help! I think a flashing yellow light on both sides of the street, when a crosswalk button is pushed, would be a great benefit at this site.
    The Braintree Highway department referred me to log this request. Please help! I don't ever want to hear of another child being struck by a vehicle on their way to school.
    Lastly, if this type of light is not installed, then please review picking the Hillside Road kids up on THEIR side of the street (change bus route), so that they do not have to cross Union Street. There seem to be some easy solutions for this problem. I appreciate all your efforts to help.
    Thank you very much for your consideration of this important request.
  • Allen Street Braintree, Massachusetts - Braintree
    Sidewalk is barely usable and never mind if someone uses a motorized wheel chair. Dangerous to walk on side of the road due to the street's overall narrowness. Sidewalk seems to be caving in due to an eroding retaining wall. Please consider replacing the sidewalks.
  • Town St braintree, ma - Braintree
    Every morning there are 30 to 50 kids right outside the property line (or so they think) on Town street. Smoking. Why is this allowed to happen
  • NOISE! Archived
    Church Street Braintree, MA - Braintree
    OIL Trucks, with thier engine brakes, along with the Red lind, and Green line, make this a very excessively loud street
  • ADA Compliance Acknowledged
    Weston Ave Braintree 02184 United States - Braintree
    Horrible deteriorated sidewalks of Weston Ave pose great challenges and danger to anyone in a wheelchair or with crutches. They are NOT safe!!!
  • 941-949 Washington St Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    (Reported on Behalf of Braintree Commission on Disabilities): multiple resident requests for curb cut & crosswalk from municipal lot to the opposite side of Washington/Hall Ave. disabled residents unable to cross in the square crosswalks in the amount of time allotted. Elderly/disabled need a non-timed crosswalk to cross at their own pace. (Photo of resident crossing used with his permission). Residents also request crosswalk sign to not risk getting hit.
  • 8 Thayer Cir Randolph, MA 02368, USA - Randolph
    A fence is supposed to be built with the nice part facing your neighbors. The post are mounted on the outside and the wooden fence pickets need to be in front of the supporting post NOT BEHIND
  • 24 Edgemont Rd. Braintree, Massachusetts - Braintree

    An unregistered car (silver Dodge Stratus) has been parked in the driveway for quite a while now.

    I usually wouldn't report something like this, as I'm not sure I even agree with this by-law (or ordinance, or whatever we're calling them now), but I know of another homeowner who has had to register and/or get rid of, an unregistered vehicle more than once.

    Fair is fair, and right is right. What's enforced for one should apply to all.

    Thank You.

  • Howard St Braintree - Braintree
    Speeding on Howard St has gotten out of control. I've called the police department on this issue in the past. I wish something could be done about this.