Whittier Neighborhood

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  • 2000-2198 S Lyndale Ave Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA - Lowry Hill East
    It is practically more hole than road, with dozens of potholes in one intersection.
  • 2000 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN - Whittier
    Why is a union-busting, farmer-mistreating chain business like Starbucks given a permit to operate within the city of mpls? It's a license to send profits to out-of-state corporate headquarters...Save us licensing department!
  • Lyndale Ave S @ Franklin Ave - Lowry Hill East
    A stretch of terrible potholes runs across both northbound lanes on the north side of the Lyndale Ave--Franklin Ave intersection.
  • 28th St At 1st Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Whittier
  • 669 W 26th St Minneapolis, MN 55405 - Whittier
    Old Hardware store. Been closed over a year now. Frequent target of vandalism.
  • Street Light Archived
    2655 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Whittier
  • 1-99 W 28th St Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Whittier
    Giant square pothole in the far right lane, next to a construction site, midway between Nicollet and Blaisdell on 28th St.
  • W-S-K Archived
    2965 Blaisdell S Minneapolis, MN - Lyndale
    Graffiti W-S-K... on metal control box with Qwest sticker that can be seen from the sidewalk and street traffic. North-East corner of Lake St and Blaisdell Av S.
  • 318 West Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Minneapolis
  • S Lyndale Ave At Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA - Whittier
  • Graffiti Archived
    336 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Minneapolis
  • 3000 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Calhoun
    Snow plowing in the LynLake area is insufficient and leaves too much snow along the curb. As a result, cars cannot park close to the curb but instead have to park well into the right-hand south-bound lane of Lyndale. This is a danger to south-bound cars as the road suddenly goes from a 2 lane road to a one lane road with no warning. The snow should be removed, parking should be restricted, or one of the traffic lanes should be closed.