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  • Interstate 80 Denville, NJ 07834, USA - Denville
    The sign on route 80 that alerts drivers to tune into 530am on their radio to hear road conditions is a waste. The message on 530 am for March 1st was recorded on February 23 telling motorist about a winter weather advisory. The message, no matter where on route 80 you travel is barely audible. If we are going to spend our tax money on this at least keep it updated and make it work properly.
  • 14 Hardman Terrace Denville, NJ - Denville
    House located at 14 Hardman Terrace has been abandoned for 7 years. Squatters have occupied it in the past and tapped off neighbors electricity. It's a disgusting eyesore, FIX IT!
  • Diamond Spring Road denville, n.j. - Denville
    drivers speeding
  • Rt 80 On-Ramp - Denville
    The YIELD sign on the ramp from rt 46 w to Rt 80 w in Denville is covered over with black plastic
    This is the on-ramp just east of exit #37
  • Main St Denville And Boonton - Denville
    I drive through the middle of both of these towns in the AM and the PM. There are cross walks at every block. But people still Jay Walk. I never see a police officer giving them a ticket. But tickets are given to those who dont stop for pedestrians crossing in a cross walk.
  • Station Road - Denville
    Many potholes and rocks sticking out of old pavement and poor drainage do to lack of road maintenance for many years...
  • Diamond Spring Rd & Second Ave. Denville - Denville
    Pothole at Diamond Spring Rd & Second Ave., Denville
  • pothole Archived
    Rte 53 - Denville
    sewer is sinking
  • 18 Claude Ave Denville, NJ - Denville
    During the recent heavy rain on 8/22/2010, the catch basin directly in front of 18 Claude ave was over-flowing, running across Claude, onto the property of 17 Claude, down the hill onto 27 Station Road. The catch basin needs to be cleaned out. The road needs to be re-engineered to better address the run-off issue.
  • 31 Cedar Lake Rd Denville, NJ 07834, USA - Denville
    Large potholes on Cedar Lake Road west between Morris Ave and Seymour Road
  • Green Pond Rd. @ Morris Ave Rockaway, NJ 07866 - Denville
    Right turn from Morris Ave, onto Green Pond Road. Deep pothole thats not been repaired in over a year.
  • 28 Woodland Rd Denville, NJ 07834, USA - Denville
    There is a large pothole at Woodland and Seymour. There are small ones at the bottom of Seymour.