Arlington County Manager

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Arlington's Office of the County Manager is responsible for County operations and management of a broad range of services.

Notified About

  • restripe road Archived
    Arlington va - Arlington
    roadwork completed awhile ago. road needs to be restriped
  • Four Mile Run Park Trail Alexandria, Virginia - Potomac West
    There is broken glass in the grass at about this location adjacent to the soccer field, kids play near here, please clean this area.
  • 3200-3230 Arlington Boulevard Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Ashton Heights
    Arlington Blvd between Fillmore and Glebe Rd needs to have a Jersey barrier to divide the two directions. Speeds and proximity makes for unsafe condition. A head-on collision at high speeds is very possible. No left turns, another disruptive and unsafe maneuver, should also be banned in this section.
  • North Utah Street Arlington, va - Waverly Hills
    3 fighter jets flew very LOW altitude over North Arlington today, near Chain Bridge.
  • Power outage Archived
    1600 S. Eads Street Arlington, VA - Aurora Highlands
    Just lost power in Crystal City
  • Power Outage Archived
    1211 South Eads Street Arlington, Va - Aurora Highlands
    Power out since Monday 6pm
  • 1735 S. 15th St Arlington, Virginia - Arlington View
    Lamp post out in front of building 1735 S 15th st
  • S Wakefield St Arlington, VA - Barcroft
    Road patch heading south on S. Wakefield St. across Columbia Pike is too low and jarring to drive over. Please raise it to be level with the road.
  • 3900 S Four Mile Run Dr Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Nauck
    Road work left rocks and dirt. Road is uneven and tough on tires.
  • 3901 Potomac Ave Alexandria, VA - Alexandria city
    Graffiti on rail road bridge visible from Potomac Ave.
  • 4704 Arlington, VA - Claremont
    Oct 14th CPRO 6:30PM@4704 Columbia Pike to talk to renters about "improvements to the Pike"...affordable housing at risk.
  • Power outage Archived
    616-698 N Piedmont St Arlington, VA - Ashton Heights